What to Wear Under Linen Dress?

Linen is one of the most sustainable and comfortable high-quality fabrics. Not only it is lightweight and breathable, but also has many other properties that makes it perfect for warm or hot weather.

Sometimes garments made of lighter colored linen can have some transparency. The solution is simple, there are tips on what to wear under light-colored linen pieces to look and feel great.


What to Wear Under Linen Dress?


What to wear under a linen dress depends on how much exactly the see-through aspect is bothering you. If it doesn‘t affect you that much, you should pay attention to your underwear. Wear them white or nude and this way the look will be in harmony and won‘t catch an eye.  


What to Wear Under Linen Dress?


There is another solution – Cotton Petticoat made of light and airy cotton. It is perfect when worn underneath as it fully covers and hides the subtle transparency of light-colored dress. Petticoat can be Sleeveless or with Long Sleeves depending on what kind of dresses you wear. And what is great, you can wear Cotton Petticoat on top of a dress or on it‘s own – we value versatility in every piece we craft.


On a special Wedding Day or a casual meeting with a friend for a cup of coffee, we want you to fully enjoy your Son de Flor dress. That's what matters the most!


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