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      While the linen fabric has become widely known due to its cooling attributes and breathability, it can also give a warm hug whenever the calm, chilly winds become our weather forecast. Once those wintry days and cold nights creep in, grabbing a linen vest or blazer will make you feel cozier and warmer. Fortunately, you have come to the right site because Son de Flor released a snuggly collection of linen garments perfect for the winter season!

      Son de Flor allows you to lay your hands on a magical "final piece" you need to complete your outfit. Aiming to make your looks effortlessly ethereal, our team offers numerous captivating designs, styles, and colors made with high-quality wool, twill, and linen fabrics.

      Son de Flor's linen vest and blazer collection possess earthy and vibrant colors to match your favorite palettes and skin tone. It can also spotlight your body type due to its tailored fit, A-line shape, or princess seams. The collars are also versatile because they let you choose between a V-neck, notched Peter Pan, or mandarin ones.

      With sleeves as the top priority, Son de Flor gives you an exquisite selection of long straight sleeves and ones with button cuffs. If you prefer wearing this enticing piece as an outer layer to a comfy undershirt or dress, you can have it sleeveless, highlighting the color combination of the layers.

      Also, thanks to the front or chest pockets, you can carry cutesy little things you might need on your getaway. The button opening in the center front also adds ease to wearing and taking the garment off while completing a chic look once you close the buttons.

      Undoubtedly, Son de Flor sets their sights on creating elegant blazers and vests that will magnificently suit all occasions and seasons. From a chilly, windy evening in winter to brunch in bed on a sunny morning in spring, our fascinating collection of high-quality garments will fit you flawlessly, making you feel more charming, timeless, and empowered.