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      You deserve a new skirt that can be worn for any occasion, without being too bulky or restricting or low-quality fabrics. Son de Flor linen skirts are perfect for work, a night out, or an evening with your friends.

      The Perfect Linen Skirt for the Perfect Day

      This season, Son de Flor has designed a collection of pure linen skirts that range from floor-length to knee-length and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Whether you're looking for a linen skirt that can be worn with your work attire or can dress up at a wedding, you'll find the right style with this collection.

      Soft and Natural Drape With Every Linen Skirt

      Son de Flor skirts are made from ultra-soft fabrics that come in a variety of colors and prints. The brand is hand-drawn by designers to preserve the full shape of each pattern for production, which is what makes each garment so unique.

      The Fabric Used in the Linen Skirt is Ultra-Soft

      Son de Flor's highest-quality materials are the key to their success. To create skirts that don't ball up, they use fine, ultra-soft fabrics that have a natural drape. Every season, new patterns are introduced by designers with a process of translating hand sketches into precise digital drawings so the full shape of each design is preserved through production.

      Slimming Skirts With Natural Drape

      Our skirts are made with the highest-quality materials and patterns designed to slim you down. Make your skirt a part of your outfit this season by pairing it with one of our summer shirts.

      Have the Feeling Like a Princess All Day Long

      Straight from the craftsmen, with a proven track record of making quality products. These skirts can handle even the most active day and still look great when the sun sets. The high-quality fabric is breathable and will keep you cool while looking incredible on the beach, at work, or anywhere else life takes you.

      Last Longer Than Most Linen Skirts

      Skirts last longer than most. With a durable and natural drape, our linen skirts last longer than your average linen skirt, looking like new season after season with the natural hand-drawn patterns we create.

      Our collection is made to charm fashionistas worldwide with its high style quotient.

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