Linen Classic Dress

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      Plaid Brown
      Black Pansy
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      Red Poppy
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      Ditsy Floral
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      Regardless of what you are into or where you are going, Son de Flor ensures something magical crafted for your beauty. Our team believes that linen creates the ultimate apparel for women this year, considering its striking character of being soft, breathable, and lightweight.

      With that said, Son de Flor propounds a spectacular diversity of casual and classic linen dresses rich in majestic styles and stunning design possibilities. You can look striking in any season and occasion, from simple morning office meetings in summer to evening dates with formal dress code requirements in winter.

      The Son de Flor team also aims to accentuate every unique skin tone because these classic linen dresses unveil endless vibrant and earthy color options, lengths, patterns, and embroideries. The Peter Pan collars also exude a vintage and classy feel, while the buttons and the full-circle skirt are like pixie dust that let you fly through the breeze.

      Experiencing Son de Flor's exquisite signature, these classic linen dresses also highlight a white interior lining in the skirt's bottom hem, hidden side zips, and side seam pockets for bringing your necessary belongings. Indeed, it balances comfort, beauty, and durability in one lovely garment that can flawlessly last for years.