Linen Color Catalog


Color Catalog including samples of all linen available in the shop!

    All Son de Flor purchases come in beautiful and recyclable packaging, which makes them an excellent gift - for a loved one or for yourself. Because of its well favoured design and the quality of the linen used, Son de Flor garments can become a cherished item passed down through generations.


    All Son de Flor dresses are made from 100% linen. The linen is washed and will shrink no more. We love and recommend linen, a beautifully natural material so pleasant against the skin and easy to take care of. Breathable and long-lasting, linen actually softens with use.


    Majority of production elements are 100% hands-on. We carefully take care of linen softening and hand assembling of our dresses day to day. While handcrafting small batches or sewing custom orders in our studio allows us to touch every single dress, making them magical. We deliver and pick up the linen from softening facilities at our friend’s place, where the softening drums even have names.


    Son de Flor will send out your order within 1-2 working days unless noted differently at order confirmation. Delivery times depend on the shipping method chosen, i.e. DHL Express (3-5 working days) or registered Regular Post delivery (10-20 working days).

    Delivery price is not included and will be seen at the check-out before the purchase.

    Delivery may take longer if something unexpected occurs (e.g. remote area, technical malfunction, customs clearance procedures by authorities of a destination country). 

    If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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