In times of rush and change, Son de Flor is silence and calm. Nature and home. Elegance and charm. All our garments are made from natural materials by loving hands and with every detail in mind, but most importantly, the way Son de Flor dresses make you feel. Beautiful. Confident. Special.

Timeless Classic Dress

Son de Flor x Caboclo Collaboration

In April each parcel from Son de Flor will arrive with a special 20% discount code for your new favorite pair of Caboclo shoes! Match these beautiful, handmade leather shoes with our linen dresses or any other garment from your timeless wardrobe. The code will be valid April 1st ~ June 1st!

Customers reviews
Customers reviews
Such a beautiful dress! So excited to wear it. Really pleased I went for it. Thank you for the beautiful dress and the beautiful packaging.
— Alice
Customers reviews
Gorgeous! The marigold color is beautiful, I have this dress in a couple of other colors and this one is one of my favorite.
— Solmar
Customers reviews
This was my second dress from Son de Flor and I primarily bought it for the color (which is when more amazing in person!) and I have hardly taken it off since it arrived! It is seriously the most comfortable dress I have ever owned.I love the fit, the weight of the linen, and the freedom of movement. I want one in every color!
— Sara
Customers reviews
This is so beautiful!!!! ❤️
— Hanna