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In times of rush and change, Son de Flor is silence and calm. Nature and home. Elegance and charm. All our garments are made from natural materials by loving hands and with every detail in mind, but most importantly, the way Son de Flor dresses make you feel. Beautiful. Confident. Special.


Have you explored our Limited Hemp Collection yet?

We're taking a step further to the sustainable fashion world and introducing a small line of our best selling dresses made from 100% hemp, an amazing natural fabric gifted to us by our mother Earth.

We hope you will enjoy your timeless Son de Flor dresses made from hemp fiber in the 2022's Color of the Year Very Peri as well as an Earthly shade of sunlit Beige.

april 15 2022

Let's plant a forest together! Wondering how?

We care about the future of our environment and creating a business that gives back to nature. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that we're partnering with Tree Planted @onetreeplantedtoplant to plant a tree for every order placed at Son de Flor and help grow the lungs of our planet Earth together!

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March 2022

Together with you we stand with Ukraine

Even though the war in Ukraine does not directly affect Son de Flor, it’s hard to stay indifferent and silent in this tragic chapter of human history. To help the Ukrainian people in the direct effect of war cruelty, Son de Flor produced a few linen scarves in Calm Blue & Joyous Yellow, resembling the colors of the Ukraine flag. 100% Of the revenues from the sales of these scarves will go to Save the Children Lithuania organization to support mothers & children fleeing war zones of Ukraine in search of shelter & safety in Lithuania.

Additionally, we'll use our social media channel to spread awareness about the war in Ukraine & how we can all help the civil people who are fighting for survival in war zones. We have decided to help with direct monthly donations of 1000 EUR as long as it’s needed to charity organizations based in Lithuania.