In times of rush and change, Son de Flor is silence and calm. Nature and home. Elegance and charm. All our garments are made from natural materials by loving hands and with every detail in mind, but most importantly, the way Son de Flor dresses make you feel. Beautiful. Confident. Special.

Our Special Project with Kap Kap!

During July every Son de Flor package, with your beautiful linen dresses inside, will include an incredible scent from Kap Kap! We hope you will enjoy it!

Customers reviews
Customers reviews
This is the most comfortable dress I have ever seen! I love and will wear it with great pleasure!
— Lil
Customers reviews
I wanted to have a beautiful dress to wear for an important occasion and this dress is perfect! We should all be focusing on more natural breathable materials. Stunning, comfortable and quality made
— Melody
Customers reviews
Gorgeous! The marigold color is beautiful, I have this dress in a couple of other colors and this one is one of my favorite.
— Solmar
Customers reviews
I love this dress! It falls beautifully, is really comfortable and you need nothing more to stand out and be well dressed. I'm thinking about getting it in another colour too!

Not to mention the fast shipping and lovely costumer service.
— Iris

Shop Pre-Loved Items

The Son de Flor Pre-Loved project was created so that none of our linen dresses would be wasted and more women around the world would be able to spread the beauty twirling in them. Shop Pre-Loved items and bring our garments to second life!