Linen twill dresses capture the magic of winter

The leaves are turning, the nights are drawing in. Embrace the changing seasons with Son de Flor’s unique collection of linen twill clothing for women and girls. Go beyond jeans and cardigans, tell the world who you truly are with fashion that’s graceful, refined, eternal.

We take the finest raw materials in the world, applying creativity and expertise to craft women’s linen twill clothes that stand out. Every single one of our handmade pieces is infused with love and attention to detail.

Experience the joy of twill

We’re well-known for how much we love working with linen. Linen twill is a thicker variety, ideal for the colder months. An all-natural material with a rich history that’s full of stories, it’s the perfect canvas for our works of art.

Linen twill is woven in a distinctive diagonal pattern. That means it drapes beautifully, despite being thicker and warmer than classic linen. Any size or body shape is complemented wonderfully when it’s wreathed in this gorgeous fabric.

Spark a lifelong love affair

In a world of fast, disposable fashion, Son de Flor champions women’s clothing that’s crafted to last. Not only are these linen twill dresses gorgeous, they’re also as strong and durable as you are. It’s all thanks to the remarkable properties of the materials we use.

Sustainable fashion, using natural materials and time-honored techniques. It’s this philosophy that’s helped us create a global community of women who want to fall in love with everything they wear. Browse our range of handmade dresses and find your new companion.