Pinafore Dresses

    Black Pansy
    Warm Brown
    Blue Tartan
    Teal Blue
    Whimsical Garden
    Emerald Green
    Red Gingham
    Natural Dot
    Ditsy Floral

    It is about time to showcase how beautiful your creativity is with Son de Flor's versatile collection of Pinafore Dresses. Wonderfully crafted using either softened linen or twill linen, these pieces of dazzling clothing can make you feel confident to walk the streets like your own runway.

    Son de Flor regards every season, that's why these dresses allow you to wear them as they are to feel fresh during the summer or tone them up with inner long-sleeved clothing or a turtle neck sweater to feel warmer during winter. Since they have various color and pattern options, you can always customize things to your liking.

    Beauty and comfort as the priority. Pinafore dresses consist of straps that let you adjust the fit to emphasize your breathtaking body shape. The side buttons also prepend elegance and perfection to the fashion statement. Above all, the twirling skirt with white interior lining on the bottom hem further empowers you to swish your day magnificently.

    If you want to go casual and minimalist, feel amazed and sophisticated with dresses' side seam pockets that enable you to carry pretty things to different places. Owing to its attractiveness and natural materials, you can always be at your best as you explore the world through the years.