Linen Tops For Women

    White Magnolia
    Warm Brown
    Camel Brown
    Natural Stripe
    Milky White
    White Magnolia
    Black Pansy
    Milky White
    Brown Checkers
    White Magnolia

    Son de Flor envisions an empowered and confident woman, so our team aimed to create a stunning collection of the most alluring linen tops for women.

    As this fabric constantly takes the scene in the market due to its superb attributes, we carefully picked this material alongside hemp fabric to ensure a garment rich in elegance, class, and comfort.

    Our collection of linen tops includes a wide range of vibrant to earthy colors, versatile designs, and timeless styles. The freedom to choose is yours between a straight-cut, tailored, or loose fit, allowing you to select a type that brings the best out of your body shape.

    The sleeves are also for you to pick from because they can come with straight, long bishop-styled, ruffled, or folded detailing.

    Son de Flor's linen tops perfectly fit any occasion and season, considering their matchless breathability, calm appearance, and captivating style. You can pair them with linen pants,  have them as an underlayer for a comfy jumpsuit, or wear them with your favorite linen skirt of all time.