Butterfly Sleeve Dresses


    All body types are perfect and stunning, so Son de Flor highlights that by unveiling an entire captivating collection of Butterfly Sleeve Dresses for every woman. Its princess seams on the top add shaping and a tailored fit that can make you feel more comfortable and confident. Impeccably paired with a humble collar, these timeless garments ensure a matchless style, elegance, and beauty.

    The Son de Flor team picked a natural, pre-washed, softened linen to craft every butterfly sleeve dress, enticing you to take a dreamy twirl as the full-circle skirt goes around with every turn. You may also worry less about the difficulty of putting it on and off because you can always do it with ease due to its side zip and one button closure on the back.

    With the iconic feature not forgotten, these dresses feature white interior lining that gives a Son de Flor touch to every gorgeous piece. Also, you can feel chicer with the hidden side seam pockets to bring dazzling little things on the go.

    Most notably, Son de Flor only uses high-quality yet breathable materials to guarantee a long-lasting iconic linen dress that will never shrink after numerous washes.  

    From Unique Color to Size

    Son de Flor's commitment to customization goes beyond the realm of imagination, catering to a wide array of unique requests from our clients. From the perfect fit to distinct design elements, we offer a world of possibilities for personalized creations.

    Let's Work on Your Unique Linen Dress Together!

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