Linen Dresses With Sleeves For Women

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      Black Pansy

      Son de Flor highly believes in the power and beauty linen can give, especially in the form of a magical and timeless dress. Considering this fabric's enthralling features, our team ensures every garment is perfect for all occasions. You can magnificently dress up for a casual date, autumn mornings, coffee afternoons, romantic weddings, or family dinners at night in a fancy restaurant.

      Son de Flor's mission is to make women feel prettier and more confident in their bodies and skin tones with a vision of women empowerment and support. With that, the entire team aims to majestically sew every dress with high-quality materials and alluring designs that they can wear anytime and anywhere.

      For instance, you can shop different attractive styles, such as classic, sailor-inspired, or wrap dresses. Giving you endless options, Son de Flor has crafted various pieces with a sailor, Peter Pan, round, square, V-neck, and embroidered collars. You can also enjoy plaid, patterned, floral, and solid-colored garments you may match with your favorite layers, accessories, and footwear.

      The Son de Flor team is committed to putting a lot of thought into every detail of these linen dresses. While they allow you to choose between tailored and loose fits, you can have the perfect style that will make you feel satisfied and be at your best. The length of each skirt also lets you select something that matches the season you are in today.

      Beyond everything, Son de Flor produces linen dresses using 100% linen, twill, or hemp fabric, ensuring that the materials will never get torn, worn out, or faded after washing them several times. They will not also shrink, so you can guarantee these garments will last a lifetime.

      Indeed, Son de Flor is a brand you can entrust everything to in terms of elegance, comfort, and style. With our long-sleeved linen dresses, you can have a favorite piece you can confidently wear to any destination and celebration.