Can You Wear Linen Dress to a Wedding? Stylist Tips

Weddings are beautiful and magical celebrations of love, family and unity that spark joy in everybody’s eyes and bring beauty together with all the warmest feelings in your hearts.

These are our special moments we want to remember for many many years. Often the biggest topic of discussions and doubts ends up being the wedding dresses and all about them.

Can You Wear Linen Dress to a Wedding?

Can I Wear Linen Dress to a Wedding?

Absolutely yes! Whether you are a wife to be, family member or a friend, and if you enjoy natural fabrics on a daily basis, linen dress is a perfect choice for a wedding celebration.

Did you know that in many folklore examples linen was mentioned as an essential part of this celebration starting from the clothes during the ceremony to the songs and games related to it.

Linen brings an atmosphere of purity, closeness to your roots and your identity. Being close to nature brings a feeling of calm and joy, it feels so natural to have linen around and feel it fall softly on your skin.

Not to mention the versatility of a linen dress! With its imeless design you can wear the dress for  years and years after the wedding which is the opposite of what usually happens with usual wedding dresses hanging lonely in the closed closets.

Not only the linen dress will be your friends on special occasions and casual days but it will hold the memory of your celebration of love you carry every day with you.

Ideas When to Wear Linen Dress to a Wedding

Ideas When to Wear Linen Dress to a Wedding

There are no rules really!

Linen dress can look lovely both inside and outside. If you feel like nature is calling you to celebrate love in the forest or on a beach, organic linen will blend into the whole atmosphere of balance and harmony.

It’s lovely on a rural and cozy wedding as well as on bohemian themed celebration. And if you have always felt close to folklore or pegan traditions, linen dress ties it all together and makes this idea unite.

Can Guest Wear Linen Dress to a Wedding?

Can Guest Wear Linen Dress to a Wedding?

As a guest you have the whole selection of linen dresses to choose from for the special celebration. Classic Dress, Tailored Wrap Dress, Carmen, Elisa Dress, Scarlet Dress and many more.

Also, embroidery on the dress is so festive and elegant that might be a lovely addition to a wedding day as well.

How to Style Your Linen Wedding Dress?

Linen dress has the power to transform dramatically with the help of accessories and little details.

You can easily style it according to the theme of the celebration by adding different shoes, jewelry, matching hair and make-up.

From elegant and feminine hairbands, collars to cuffs, we have a lovely variety of linen wedding accessories that can add something magical to your look.

Using materials such as silk, wool, linen and velvet, accessories wonderfully match linen dresses and add a delicate touch to it.

How to style your Linen Wedding Dress

Where to Buy Linen Wedding Dress?

We hope you can you find something for yourself among Son de Flor clothing.

For brides, we have a special Linen Wedding Dresses Collection which provides a wide selection of different styles and shades of your perfect wedding dress.