FW22 Loungewear: In Case We Need To Stay Home Again

FW22 Loungewear: In Case We Need To Stay Home Again

If this Fall kindly asks us to stay at home again, we would already be prepared for it. We will know what to expect, we would be grateful for the time we had the privilege to go out and enjoy our Lithuanian summer. If this happens, we want to make it beautiful! 
16 septembre, 2021
Linen Dresses with Pockets: We Love It!

Linen Dresses with Pockets: We Love It!

Classic Dress, Pinafore Dress, Smock Dress, Audrey Dress, Pinafore Jumpsuit, Peg Leg Trousers, Classic Skirt, you name it! All of them have two hidden pockets for your comfort. To carry small things, warm or rest your hands, pockets are a necessity to feel completely good.
01 juillet, 2021
Lotus Loungewear: Magic of It

Lotus Loungewear: Magic of It

Lotus is a magical flower growing in the mud, far away from the sun. A lotus seed can withstand thousands of years without water, thus it’s so magical. It overcomes all the obstacles on its way that seem to be impossible and fights its way through and reaches the light.
29 avril, 2021
Styles of Dresses: Magic of Linen Choice

Styles of Dresses: Magic of Linen Choice

Linen dresses are perfect for any occasion – from casual to special days. They can look relaxed and sophisticated at the same time. From ancient times linen was considered as luxury fabric as its feels extremely comfortable on the skin. Also, its known to be breathable and fully sustainable. Here are different styles of dresses that Son de Flor is happy to share with you.


18 avril, 2021
Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas

Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas for You: Effective Style Tips

Jumpsuit is a statement piece in an outfit that is super easy to style around as it already has a lot to give. Especially in a warmer seasons you can see women wearing their jumpsuits on the streets and showing their wonderful styles. We have found few inspirations from the streets that we loved on how to style your jumpsuit and we want to share it with you.
03 avril, 2021
New Colors to Your Capsule Wardrobe

New Colors to Your Capsule Wardrobe

This Spring/Summer we have added completely new colors to our collection that we believe would perfectly fit into your capsule wardrobe. These two amazing colors are Terracotta Red and Seashell White. We want to put our focus on them and tell you a little bit more about what mood do they bring and what do they mean.
28 mars, 2021
Olive Green Dress

Olive Green Dress: It's Time for Elisa Dress in Rosemary Green

Have you wondered how would a dress that would have a timeless style and fit perfectly for any occasion look like? Elisa Dress in Rosemary Green is just the dress that would fit this description. Made of washed and softened premium quality linen, our Elisa Dress with small mandarin collar is sophisticated yet simple.
25 mars, 2021
Women's Wrap Dress

Women's Wrap Dress: All About It

Wrap dress has been introduced to the world since 1930’s and it keeps being one of the most iconic and timeless pieces to this day. With the rebirth of wrap dress by Belgian designer Diane Von Furstenberg in 1970’s came the second wave of this style of dress and nothing seems to indicate that it’s planning to leave the runways and streets in the near future.
20 mars, 2021
How To Wear Sky Blue Dress

How To Wear Sky Blue Dress? Style Tips

Pastel colors are trending few seasons in a row. You can see models walking the catwalk and fashionistas showing their outfits on the streets. This time we want to talk more about light blue color – Sky blue – that has a very subtle and feminine touch to a spring outfit.
11 mars, 2021
Spring Summer Color Trends

Spring Summer Color Trends: Adding to Wardrobe

Maybe you have caught yourself thinking that there is too much grey, black and white in your wardrobe? Or did you had a thought to freshen up your existing wardrobe color palette with something exciting and timeless? With the revival of the nature spring brings us light and wonderful colors designed without a touch of a human. 
06 mars, 2021
How to Wear Red Tartan?

How to Wear Red Tartan? Style Ideas for You

Seems like Red Tartan is Forever & we love it! Take a look at how women are wearing it in the streets from New York to Sydney. Hope this inspires you to add our Red Tartan linen styles to your capsule wardrobe and enjoy them timelessly paired with recycled leather jacket, a beloved pair of jeans or a favorite skirt.
28 février, 2021
Layering Clothes

Layering Clothes: Women's Fashion

Can you feel the weather showing subtle signs of warmth and revival? Even though spring is just around the corner, it will take a bit of time till we can see and feel it. For now, what helps us to keep warm and cozy are the layers! Let’s layer organic and fabulous looking fabrics, linen and wool - they are always a great match.
18 février, 2021