FW22 Loungewear: In Case We Need To Stay Home Again

Last Fall we spent at home working, resting, working out, trying out new hobbies such as mandala drawing and drying wild flowers between the sheets of old grandmothers books… It was the time to slow down and focus on oneself. During this time, we learned what are our true values and what truly matters in life the most to us. 

If this Fall kindly asks us to stay at home again, we would already be prepared for it. We will know what to expect, we would be grateful for the time we had the privilege to go out and enjoy our Lithuanian summer. If this happens, we want to make it beautiful! 


This Fall/Winter’22 we have come up with Linen & Wool Loungewear pieces to keep you cozy and warm during the colder season. To drink cups and cups of warm herbal tea with a little bit of honey, listen to soft piano records and the sound of rain, read your favorite books and spend time with the loved ones…


Meant for daily comfort, cosiness and a natural feel Linen Mandarin Collar Shirt comes in Terracotta Red and vert émeraude. To accompany the shirt we have Lotus Trousers in the same matching colors to create a lovely duo. Lotus Trousers are created with reference to rebirth, wisdom and inner calm, which our Linen Loungewear capsule is striving for in the upcoming months.


Also, this year we have something new - Loungewear made out of soft 100% merino wool. Willow Cardigan and Willow Pants in Warm Brown strike the ideal balance of comfort and elegance. We’ve taken every care to create a durable, beautiful garment that helps you look amazing even when relaxing in the evening. Moreover, you can now find Willow High Neck in Evergreen at Son de Flor bringing you the dream blend of femininity, comfort, and enduring appeal.


Finally, what we thought was lacking in the end is an oversized merino wool woman’s scarf. And we came up with Willow Scarf in Warm Brown and vert émeraude. Simple, enduring, and utterly beautiful, it goes with anything.


May your Fall will be cozy and joyful with soft Linen&Wool Loungewear!


P.S. We have Free Wordwide Shipping until the September 30th! Don't worry about the shipping costs since we will take care of that, and invite your timeless linen garment to your wardrobe!