Son de Flor: Linen & Sustainability

Son de Flor: Linen & Sustainability

Son de Flor was born out of love for linen, timeless styles and slow living. As a business we thrive to create long lasting products that are nature friendly and bring joy for our customers for many years to come. We are working hard to drive a change towards more sustainable & long-lasting wardrobe choices in the fast changing fashion industry.
25 novembre, 2021
How to wash linen?

How to Wash Linen? Best Linen Care Guide That You Need

Once you already have your dream linen dress or another linen garment in your hands, you might wonder how to take care of this precious new purchase from now on and how to wash linen clothes and not damage it.
05 novembre, 2021
What color is Linen

What Color is Linen? Natural Linen Explained

What color would you like your linen garment to be? Dark blue, snow white, bright pink or mustard yellow?

You can find it in any color imaginable since this fabric takes in the pigment extremely well hence it’s easy to dye it.

But have you wondered, what color is linen naturally?

29 octobre, 2021
Can You Wear Linen Dress to a Wedding

Can You Wear Linen Dress to a Wedding? Tips from Experts

Can You Wear Linen Dress to a Wedding?  Weddings are beautiful and magical celebrations of love, family and unity that spark joy in everybody’s eyes and bring beauty together with all the warmest feelings in your hearts.

26 octobre, 2021
How to Style Linen Dress

5 Ways How to Style Linen Dress? Tips from Experts

What shoes to wear it with, what jackets to style on top of it, what bag to choose, and generally, how to style a linen dress?

Linen garments are very versatile and can easily go with many clothes and accessories from your existing wardrobe.

19 août, 2021
How to Measure Your Body for Clothing

How to Measure Your Body for Clothing? Complete Guide

Shopping online has many benefits and bonuses, however one of the major minuses that is relevant to this day is finding the right size of clothing for your body.

If you found yourself in this situation many times before, we have something to help you!

Here you will find everything you will need on how to measure your body for clothing.

18 août, 2021
How to Get Wrinkles Out of Linen Shirts and Pants

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Linen Shirts and Pants? [With and Without Iron]

Wrinkles are one of main characteristics of linen fabric, but sometimes, they just need to be fixed.

Due to that a common question rises, how to actually get wrinkles out of linen?

17 août, 2021
How to iron Linen clothes

How to Iron Linen Clothes?

Once you purchase long-waited quality garment, there is always a fear of damaging it.

If you are still in a journey of getting to know linen better, a question might rise, how to iron linen clothes?

Really, there is no one answer to this question.

16 août, 2021
Worth falling in love with!

Worth falling in love with!

Linen is extremely durable, breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic, ant-bacterial, even humidity & heat friendly. And don't worry, it's quite easy to take care of!
27 novembre, 2020
Balises: Linen Qualities
How Linen Fabric is Made

How Linen Fabric is Made: Take a Glimpse

We’ve talked a lot about linen already, but it’s still so much to be said. We are lucky our linen production partner “Klasikine Tekstile” is situated next door to our office, thus we are happy to invite you all to the backstage of linen production, where you can see the complexity of the process.
10 novembre, 2020
Balises: Linen Qualities
Linen decomposes in 2 weeks & is fully biodegradable!

Linen decomposes in 2 weeks & is fully biodegradable!

Linen is completely natural and is a fully biodegradable resource! Non-biodegradable clothes, which are synthetic textiles, such as polyester, spandex, nylon & rayon, might take between 20 to 200 years to fully biodegrade. Linen in the meantime can decompose in as little as 2 weeks if it is all-natural.
30 juillet, 2020
Balises: Linen Qualities
The Value behind Linen

The Value behind Linen

We already talked about the great qualities of linen fabric, but still questions arise as to why linen is more expensive than other fibers? Let us take a look at that.
27 mai, 2020
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