10 Raisons de Choisir une Robe en Lin pour un Mariage à la Plage

Beautiful and magical event such as a wedding day in nature is probably the most romantic way to celebrate love surrounded by your family and friends.

One of the ways to create this fairytale is by having a beach wedding and letting wind brush your hair and sand cover your bare toes.

Choosing THE dress out of all colors, shapes, lights and fabrics for this special day is one of the steps in making sure a fairytale comes true.

Let us help you in your quest for your dream beach wedding dress by giving you 10 reasons to choose a linen dress for a beach wedding!

10 Reasons to Choose White Linen Dress for a Beach Wedding

What Type of Dress is Best for a Beach Wedding?

First of all, you have to know what type of beach wedding you are going for and how formal the event will be.

Of course, beach weddings tend to be a little bit more casual than traditional weddings and it generally calls for more casual and comfortable fabrics and accessories to wear for the bride and groom, but also for all the guests.

The beach wedding dress code usually relies on a very light color palette, with whites, beiges, and sandy colors.

Also, the footwear is a bit different because you probably would not be able to wear high heels in the sand (but you can always go barefoot!).

It is better to choose breathable and natural fabrics for clothes because, on one hand, they will be particularly suitable for the warm weather at the beach, and on the other hand, they will be casual yet classy and easy to style to have a beachy aesthetic.

Our beloved linen is one of these breathable and natural fabrics, in fact, you could hardly find a fabric more eco-friendly and organic than linen! With all its wonderful properties, it seems particularly fitting for a beach wedding.

For all beach weddings, we would recommend rethinking floor-length dresses if you are planning on them – they wouldn’t be the most comfortable in the sand – you might want to choose a shorter dress, for example,  the one below-the-knee.

As for any other wedding, you don’t necessarily have to go for a bright white dress, you can also choose an off-white color that will work just as well and will still remain very classic!

The choice to wear a sleeveless, short sleeves or long sleeves dress is completely up to you, according to what you feel the most comfortable wearing of course. But since generally beach weddings are set during spring and summer, the weather is warmer, and sleeveless or short sleeves dresses are the most popular options.

Concerning the type of dress you will wear, it depends on how formal you want your wedding to be.

  • Formal Wedding Look

If you still want a very formal event but set at the beach for the beautiful scenery and the possibility to take unforgettable wedding photos while the sun sets in the ocean, having a dress with long sleeves – like the Sophie Wedding Dress – can be a good option because dresses covering the arms tend to look more formal than others.

But of course, you do not have to wear a long-sleeved dress if you want your wedding ceremony to be formal!

Sophia Wedding Dress

If you are looking for a magical and romantic look you can find different prepared looks including your linen dress with a piece of hand-made accessoires, we have a few ensembles to check.

For instance, Classic Dress in White Magnolia together with a lovely Forget Me Not handmade crown is enough to create an authentic and subtle look for the festive day.

Forget Me Not Wedding Ensemble
  • Semi-formal Wedding Look

If you are more into a cocktail style or semi-formal wedding ceremony, you can go for dresses which are even more unique, while keeping the traditional color palette of beach weddings.

You can for example try some discreet prints or touches of colors on your wedding dress.

For example, a Classic Dress with embroidered collar would be a very nice option: in the colors Seashell White or White Magnolia, it remains very classic for a wedding, yet it is authentic with the discreet embroideries on the Peter Pan collar.

And if you want to have a perfectly assorted look, why not even match your bouquet with the flowers embroidered on your collar?

Embroidered Classic Dress

Embroidered Classic Dress

You can also choose a short sleeve dress that will look just as good and will be equally elegant.

A short sleeved linen dress can also look very romantic, which is always a good thing for a wedding ceremony of course!

For example, the Classic in Seashell White color with short sleeves would look very subtle and elegant: quite simple and romantic but with a touch of vintage! The pinkish off-white color adds charm to your overall outfit and will turn your look into a beautiful flower.

All there is left to do is add some accessories of your choice.

Classic Wedding Dress in Seashell White
Classic Dress in Seashell White
  • Relaxed Wedding Look

Finally, if you want a little bit more relaxed and casual beach wedding, you can try many different things that you will for sure rarely see at other weddings, making your ceremony absolutely unique.

You can go for a very relaxed look with a Pinafore Dress in Seashell White. Even if this dress is more on the casual side, you will still appear very elegant. If the ceremony takes place in the sand, you can even wear your dress barefoot, or choose some classic sandals.

Pinafore Dress for Wedding

For a natural and authentic look you can consider styling Classic Dress in Natural Linen which has not been dyed and represents the beauty of nature in the most wonderful way.

In the presence of nature this dress represents the beautiful connection between us and nature in the most magical way. You can easily style the dress with a matching handmade Tulip Crown or any of your favorite accessories.

Classic Dress in Natural Linen for Wedding

The most important thing, as for any wedding, is that you feel beautiful and love your wedding dress, no matter your shape, size, or age.

And you might wonder why it is worth it to choose a linen dress for a beach wedding when there are so many other options available. Well, here are the answers.

Reasons to Wear a Linen Dress for a Beach Wedding

One of the main goals of a beach wedding is for sure to embrace the beauty of the scenery and enjoy nature during this very special day.

1. Natural Fabrics

First of all, as we mentioned before, natural fabrics are usually the best options for beach weddings since they will fit perfectly in the theme and aesthetic of the ceremony.

2. Variety of Colors

Linen also comes in a big variety of colors and no matter if you chose a traditional white or off-white color or a more vibrant tone, you will find your dream color for your dress!

3. Durable and Eco-Friendly

Another important thing to know is that linen is durable and eco-friendly. Linen fabric is always organic since the plant from which linen comes from – flax – does not require any pesticide to grow.

Indeed, if you want not only a beach wedding, but also an eco-friendly and sustainable ceremony, you should go for a natural fabric for your dress such as linen.

4. Strong Fibers

Yet linen is not only eco-friendly, but it also durable since it has very strong fibers. When inviting a white linen dress into your wardrobe you invite timeless beauty and versatility with it.

5. Long-Lasting

The most wonderful thing about our linen dresses is that you can absolutely wear them after your wedding for many years to come as they are very easy to style with other casual garments from your closet.

If you do not want to reuse your wedding dress, it can maybe become an heirloom. Since linen is so strong, your dress can be kept and remain intact for years and then be passed on to someone else.

6. Versatile

And because linen dresses are so versatile, even if you give your dress to someone with a slightly different clothing style and aesthetic than you, she will be able to very easily style it according to her own style and maybe will add some modifications to the dress.

Think about the idea of passing your wedding dress to your daughters and seeing them in the same timeless dress on their own special day!

7. Perfect for Different Seasons

You might have noticed linen fabrics are usually hitting the shelves during spring and summer since linen is well-known to be extremely breathable and moisture absorbent on warm days.

However, linen would serve wonderfully in the colder seasons as well. Linen garments are great to layer around in autumn and winter together with other fabrics like wool and knitwear.

8. Protects from Insects

A beach wedding ceremony is also set outside, and luckily, linen is naturally insect repellent. And when the sun sets and you have to turn on the lights, mosquitoes and other flying insects can arrive.

If you are scared of insects, we have some good news for you, your linen wedding dress will naturally keep insects away from you! Yet even if you are not afraid, your dress will prevent mosquitoes from biting you, and that is always good to know.

9. Affordable

Linen looks very luxurious but still remains affordable, especially for a wedding dress. Wedding dresses can easily be quite expensive, while linen wedding dresses are much more affordable and have all these amazing advantages we mentioned before.

But being more affordable does not mean the dress will look cheap: you can still find your dream princess dress made of linen!

10. Easy to Maintain

In case you are hesitating to buy a linen wedding dress because you know linen fabric can get wrinkly very easily, you really shouldn’t.

First of all, you can iron your linen dress before the ceremony with a regular or steam. But of course, wrinkles do appear on a linen dress easily, however, we see it as a feature of this natural fabric rather than a disadvantage. When we see wrinkles on linen we see the charm and authenticity of this natural and kind fabric.


To conclude, is a white linen wedding dress worth it for a beach wedding? Absolutely!

Linen is probably one of the best options for a beach wedding ceremony, no matter how formal you want the event to be.

All the natural properties and advantages of linen will also help you to have the most perfect wedding dress ever, and you will be able to enjoy your big day to its fullest!