Manteaux en Laine pour Femmes

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      Splendidly blended with sophistication and warmth, these cozy wool coats for women are one of the most elegant Son de Flor creations that keep you warm in your icy winter. They have excellent warmth regulation yet high breathability attributes, making you feel comfortable on a sunny day and a chilly night.

      Son de Flor's delicate collection of wool coats consists of 80% wool and 20% polyester, crafting each garment cozy and fashionable for any occasion.

      The vibrant and earth-toned colors can match your favorite linen tops and comfy trousers, while your dazzling accessories add a unique charm to the outfit.

      It further creates a relaxed yet lavish look perfect for a museum date, coffee mornings near the windowsills, a casual walk in the park, or any other celebration you want to be memorable.

      The Son de Flor team unveils an appealing variety of timeless styles and designs. You can select from a notched Peter Pan collar or a cozy neckline, or hug more warmth with a long straight sleeve or an elongated one with thumb holes.

      Our wool clothing collection also allows you to choose from a mid-calf or below-the-knee length, depending on how you want to style yourself and what makes you feel more confident.

      This Son de Flor collection also features a tailored fit to suit your body shape and side seam pockets to bring a few magical things necessary to go on your bright day. The fake front pockets add more unique details for a vintage look, while the large patch inside the coat gives more room to carry your belongings.

      Doubtlessly, Son de Flor is one of the most trusted brands you can rely on to find your best match of wool coats for winter. Our team carefully picks each material, style, and color palette to ensure you feel satisfied and confident to wear every piece to any day and occasion. With a peerless feeling of boldness and beauty, any woman can go beyond everything.