Robes Carmen

      Blanc à Rayures Roses
      Vert Emeraude
      Vert Emeraude

      Son de Flor's exquisite collection of Carmen Dresses always aims to turn every woman into someone effortlessly ethereal. Perfectly made with different lengths and colors, these timeless dresses create an elegant look that can match any occasion and season.

      Our dresses are excellently sewn with 100% softened linen, making the garment light, breathable, and flowy. You can feel majestic as the wind kisses your skin while the full-circle skirt dances to the breeze. Since they also have an open neckline, tailored fit, and elastic back detailing, it further emphasizes the beauty of your body shape.

      Adding Son de Flor's iconic statement, linen dresses like Carmen feature white interior linings on the bottom hem of the skirt. Their side seam pockets allow you to put a few magical things you need throughout the day, while the puff sleeves make you feel more comfortable.

      Whether you are on the go for a casual date, wedding, or birthday party, Carmen Dresses will make you confident of how alluring you look. They also disenthrall you to match every piece with your favorite layers to feel warmer and be at your best.

      Beyond everything, the Son de Flor team carefully picked stunning materials, designs, and palettes that will last wash after wash. Thanks to their quality and durability, you can have a signature dress that will never get old.

      Couleurs et Tailles Uniques

      L'engagement de Son de Flor pour la personnalisation va au-delà du domaine de l'imaginable, répondant à un large éventail de demandes uniques de nos clients. De l'ajustement parfait aux éléments de conception uniques, nous offrons un monde de possibilités pour des créations personnalisées.

      Travaillons sur Votre Robe en Lin Unique Ensemble !

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