Special Wedding Accessories: Best Bridal Picks

Our new Linen Wedding Dresses collection is very special for us as it captures all the efforts and love we put in our dresses. We want to share it with the rest of the word!

Wedding is such a magical day where you feel so much support and acceptance around that inspires to be a better and more grateful person everyday.

We are so happy to have Majula (@majulahandmade) take part in creating this magic with us with the help of wedding accessories. Majula helped so much in putting all the looks together and creating wonderful little pieces for Son de Flor wedding dresses.


Woman in linen dress with embroidered collar Son de Flor

Same as Son de Flor, Majula originates from Lithuania and we are so incredibly happy to be able to work and promote our local businesses that produce wonderful products here in our country. Majula follows a philosophy of staying yourself and being stylish at the same time. Their accessories encourage to be brave experimenting and discovering your true self - free, creative and stylish personality.


Woman wearing Son de Flor x Majula Hairband

Majula accessories are hand-made with accuracy and attention to detail. The forms are delicate using noble materials such as silk, wool, linen and velvet. We fell in love with their work and how it matches our dresses, we hope you will too!


Have a look of a moment how Majula is crafting her wonderful accessories: 



For a romantic, modern and a little bohemian personality