How to Wear and Style Linen Shirt for Women?

Whether you're dressing up to work or off to a lovely brunch in the city, classic and versatile linen shirt should translate effectively well to almost any setting and event.

If styled right, a chemise en lin can help you pull off a raffish, sophisticated appearance and look that can make heads turn as you walk by!

How can you do that? 

Easy - by learning how to wear a linen shirt and pairing it with a few linen bottoms!

Keep reading since this article will contain three simpe and different linen shirt outfit ideas that can show you the versatility of this classic, modern and versatile wardrobe piece.

1. Linen Shirt with Linen Skirt

Linen Shirt with Linen Skirt

A linen shirt paired with a jupe en lin?

The image will undoubtedly give off chic, feminine, and effortless! You can style a linen shirt by pairing it with a classi linen skirt.

This incredible and classic outfit idea presents various opportunities to style it without needing to put much effort or thinking into it. 

Experimenting with different combinations of shirts and skirts should be able to get you far. It won't take long before you find a perfect outfit to wear for work or for a special occasion.

If you're tall and confident, you can try and keep it classy by pairing off your linen shirt with a flowy, linen maxi skirt.

That is undoubtedly a look that screams elegance and grace! It is a unique outfit idea that can create a feminine and soft look.

Choose a skirt that hugs your waist well. A maxi linen skirt should also help you enjoy a vintage-inspired look! 

Also, a midi skirt is also an excellent choice for a linen shirt. It is an authentic wardrobe choice that can give you an incredible look. 

As for the color, white linen skirts are classics that should be in people's closets.

Though the case, no one can deny the appeal of black skirts! They are a versatile color that you can pair up with almost any pattern and style of linen shirt.

2. Linen Shirt with Linen Pants

Linen Shirt with Linen Pants

Linen pants are the definition of comfort and style. While light and breathable, lpants are also easy to style with linen shirts.

Some would persistently argue that pants are a no-go during the summer.

However, it is not the same for linen pants! They are lightweight, chic, and soft — making them a great outfit for both winter and summer seasons.

It should be okay to wear a basic linen shirt on top. That would give your outfit a more casual and laid-back vibe. Long sleeves should also be fine.

One of the main rules in wearing linen shirts with linen pants is ensuring that your body shape is visible or noticeable. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by the layers of the fabric.

Aside from linen, denim pants would also go exceptionally well with a linen shirt.

Light-washed denim jeans with a classic white linen shirt can never go wrong!

3. Linen Shirt with Linen Dress (Pinafore/Smock Dress)

Linen Shirt with Linen Dress
credit to @esodette 

If you are in the mood for a robe and shirt combination - think about pinafore, Vintage or smock linen dresses combined with a shirt.

That outfit combination can bring something fun and new to usual style.

If you wish to grace the streets wearing a smock or pinafore dress, wear a long-sleeved linen shirt underneath.

Choosing a linen shirt with a collar should be able to drive the point home.

For a simple and plain linen pinafore dress, try out a different colored plain long-sleeved linen shirt underneath.

Avoid wearing them in matching colors! That would prevent both pieces from truly standing out. 

If you want another style, choose a linen shirt with voluminous sleeves. That will amazingly contrast the simple dress on top!

Final Thoughts

There you have it - three linen shirt outfit ideas to add to your wardrobe! We hope that this guide might help you when in doubt or out of ideas on how to style your linen shirt

  • For brunch out with your friends, a linen shirt with a complementing max or midi lenghti linen skirt should give you a feminine look.
  • For more work-appropriate attires, the classic linen shirt with linen pants should make you look fancy and versatile in the office.
  • Lastly, the modern combination of a linen shirt underneath a simple linen dress should be an excellent outfit for the next family bonding event.