Comment Porter du Lin en Hiver ? 6 Idées Incroyables

As the frosty breeze embraces your bare skin, a cup of hot chocolate in front of your fireplace may bring warmth to your chilly day.

Looking outside your windows will enable you to see dried leaves that fell from the trees, white snow pouring from the sky, and the sunshine that went away — the winter season has come!

The arrival of these icy-cold days signals another journey of doing fun activities while wearing your favorite winter clothes; that's why knowing how to wear linen in the winter will allow you not to lock your best pieces in your wardrobe.

While other people stay inside their homes waiting for this freezing season to pass by, you may enjoy making snow globes with your friends, visiting a snowboarding place, or going on a picnic in the bonfire while feeling hugged by warmth.

If you are wondering how to make these fashion statements possible, we have written a few dazzling winter outfit ideas using lovely clothes made with linen fabric.

Let us help you to create some winter looks that feel like a match of heaven to ensure the cold won't bother you this season!

How To Wear Linen in The Winter?

Will Linen Keep You Warm in Winter?

Linen clothing is not only for your hot summer vacations, like how winter mornings are not for puffer jackets and cotton sweaters alone.

Your linen clothes can be with you all year long due to their adaptability to the four seasons, enabling you to become chilly and comfortable during summer and warmer through the winter nights.

A linen piece may be your best investment because you can pair it with nearly everything you can find in your closet.

How is that possible, you may ask?

The linen fabric is made out of flax fiber which ensures that your clothes are durable and winter-ready.

Its natural insulations and thermo-regulating properties shake heat off your body and reduce moisture when the temperature gets hot, and retain warmth to keep yourself balmy when it gets cold. Unlike other fabrics that result in sweat patches, linens may be more comfortable and cozy.

If you want to be warmer, you may try on darker colors that absorb heat and light.

Combining your linen clothes with other materials and fabric may also be an excellent option to combat the wintry air outside. If you know how to wear linen in the winter flawlessly, you can embrace warmth any time of the snowy day!

 Why Don't People Wear Linen in Winter?

People do wear linen for winter! As you have always heard, linen clothing is a breathable, flowy fabric with cooling features suitable for summer getaways.

In this case, people sensitive to cold climates may think they will freeze to death once they wear it in the winter.

Those cold intolerant may also dislike this fabric due to their health condition, making them sleep on the reality that linen has temperature-regulating properties that may change their perspectives.

It may be a waste to bid your linens goodbye, but you may only need to find in the treasure box the most appealing way of wearing linen in the winter warmly and elegantly. You can wear linen clothes in any season!

How To Wear Linen in Winter?

As the frigid breeze breaks into your house as the winter begins, you may start thinking about how you can remain aesthetically pleasing and warm using your linen pieces.

Luckily, you can enjoy linen clothes as you used to during the other seasons. It is not rocket science because this fabric possesses a terrific versatility that allows you to create a fashion statement that screams elegance and style so loud.

Strap on your most stylish boots because here's how to wear linen in the winter to bring the best out of your linen pieces!

1. Elegant Linen Dress

Linen Dress for Winter

You may have lots of flowy linen dresses you love wearing during the summer and spring because they make you feel like a princess walking down the streets.

Do you know that you may still feel the same during the winter? By being playful with linen clothes, you can easily create your winter outfit with elegant dresses in the cold.

Regardless of whether or not your dress has sleeves, you may pair it with a long top or blouse of monochrome colors. If one of them has patterns, you may need to pick the color combination carefully because they may look weird or awkward otherwise.

You may also wear thick woolen stockings, leggings, or tights underneath the skirt to keep your legs warm.

If you want another winter style, a long-sleeved black turtleneck matched with a grey linen dress may be your best pair for the day.

The neutral palette of colors will look stylish and exceptional with your beauty. Moreover, a wool coat with a linen dress may give you a rockstar winter fashion.

For your shoes, choosing tall boots may complete the vibe you want. You may also select your favorite jewelry, scarves, and ear muffs to achieve warmer yet more pleasing attire.

2. Linen Pants

Linen Pants for Winter Season

Should you need formal and professional outfits for company dinners and family gatherings, opting for pantalon en lin and trousers may bring out the style that suits the occasion.

Although it may be chilly to wear them alone, you can add another layer of tights underneath them. If you feel uncomfortable wearing this additional layer, you can put on knee-high socks to ease that feeling.

Selecting your favorite tall boots will hide the layer you have added underneath your linen pants, especially when the pants do not reach the bottom of your ankles.

For your top, you may opt for woolen sweaters or shirts for extra warmth. A white woolen sweater will look fabulous with khaki green wide-leg pants!

If you still feel cold despite the layers, you are free to choose whether or not you will wear your jacket.

You may only need to prevent pairing wide-leg pants with loose tops because they may look like pajamas. Matching both with bold patterns may also appear weird for some.

3. Linen Tops

Linen Tops for Winter

Even though linen tops are breathable and comfy during summer, they may also be your winter delight! Heavy linens with contrasting necklines for layering the tops may look classy while retaining more warmth in your body.

If you feel cozy wearing medium-weight linen tops indoors, you may add thick jackets when you go outdoors to put up with the wintry air.

Combining different textures and fabrics is one of the best options when thinking of an outfit.

For example, a relaxed linen top may look exceptional for a loose-fitting silhouette. Thicker, heavier linen shirts with jeans also go well with long woolen cardigans.

Aside from that, a short-sleeved linen top may create a heavenly look if you wear it with a long-sleeved striped tee and high-waisted trousers. A pair of boots and sneakers with matching jewelry may also make you appear more elegant. How about tying your hair up? Yes, please!

4. Linen Shirts

Linen Shirts for Winter

Like the previous fashion statements mentioned above, putting on your linen shirts also needs layering to achieve a warmer outfit. For instance, you may opt for a long-sleeved shirt underneath a short-sleeved one.

If you pair shirts with both long sleeves, you can keep the sleeves down to hide the other or roll them up to make a bolder statement showcasing the one below.

You may grab your thick cardigan and wear a full-length linen skirt or pants to embrace more warmth. This balmy attire can be your go-to outfit for business meetings or family dinners!

5. Linen Jumpsuits

Linen Jumpsuits for Winter

Versatility is what jumpsuits have, regardless of the seasons. Your winter nights watching movies in cinemas can still be cozy if you wear your linen jumpsuit with a woolen sweater or cotton top. An outer layer of an oversized coat may also bring warmth as you walk under the street lights and snow.

If you have scarves at home, you may wrap them twice around your neck for better insulation. A knit beanie may also hug your head, not to mention that it is also handy!

After all, tights or leggings underneath your jumpsuit are still one of the best ways to protect your legs from the cold.

6. Linen Suits

Linen Suits for Winter

Even though winter means bowling with friends, trying different restaurants for hot pots, and cozy indoor campings, you may still need to attend your work in the office.

While being formal is necessary for some jobs, linen may be a matchless option for styling suits. However, we suggest not using a lighter variant of linen because you can freeze like a popsicle with it.

To start with a top-notch winter suit outfit, you may wear a heat-tech inside your clothes.

A heavier-weight shirt with solid colors and no patterns may also go well with a linen-wool suit. If the warmth it brings is not enough for your body, you may opt for an overcoat to withstand the cold.

Lastly, a thick scarf and tall boots may protect your neck and feet from the freezing air!


While discovering how to wear linen in the winter, you may be surprised at how you can wear this sensational clothing during the coldest season.

You can still be effortlessly stunning without sacrificing the warmth you need if you know how to play with your magical touch on fashion.

Once you have found the best style that suits you exquisitely, go on and set the winter ice on fire with your natural beauty!