Les 40 Meilleures Robes en Lin pour 2022

Finding the perfect linen dress for each occasion can be a little bit tricky when you have to choose it from a very wide selection of garments.

So, we decided to kindly provide you with some help and give you a little advice to find your dream dress in no time!

Here are our top 40 best linen dresses of 2024 for an amazing look, ordered according to the season and occasion from our timeless linen dresses collection

Linen Dresses for Spring

Ophelia Dress, ¾ Sleeves, Natural Dot Linen

Ophelia Dress, ¾ Sleeves, Natural Dot Linen

The ¾ sleeves of the Ophelia Dress are the best for spring days that might be a bit colder, they will keep you warm. Its beautiful collar with ruffles will assure you to step into spring with a vintage look and timeless elegance.

Tailored Wrap Dress, Short Sleeves, Evergreen

Tailored Wrap Dress, Short Sleeves, Evergreen

Our Tailored Wrap Dress is a classic yet elegant garment and a dress that was definitely made for spring! The lovely vert émeraude color is ideal for many seasons but especially fits spring since it will remind you that nature is becoming green again.

Butterfly Dress, Short Sleeves, Phlox Purple

Butterfly Dress, Short Sleeves, Phlox Purple

Created especially for this new season, we believe our Butterfly Dress is expressing perfectly our joy to see spring is finally back!

Its magnificent Phlox Purple color reminds us of all the wild flowers appearing in open fields and adding colorful touches to nature.

Darcy Dress, Long Sleeves

Darcy Dress

If you take out a Spring Season palette, among the colors that would certainly catch your eye is the Red Poppy and Evergreen.

Our Darcy Dress comes in this specific color, offering you the chance to grace the Spring day with vintage charm and timeless style. Bring more color and joy to your wardrobe by adding in this warp-style dress that breathes delicacy and femininity. 

Hemp Carmen Dress, 3/4 Sleeve

Introducing the Hemp Carmen Dress with 3/4 sleeves, a must-have addition to your sustainable wardrobe. Crafted from premium hemp fabric, this dress is not only eco-friendly but also breathable and durable.

The dress features a flattering fit-and-flare silhouette, a stylish round neckline, and a midi-length hemline. The 3/4 sleeves provide just the right amount of coverage for any occasion.

Perfect for day-to-day wear or dressing up for a special event, this dress is versatile and effortlessly chic. Choose the milky white hue for a classic and timeless look. Upgrade your wardrobe with the Carmen Dress today.

Linen Dresses for Summer

Sophie Dress in Ditsy Floral

Ditsy Floral is our new pattern, created in collaboration with the talented illustrator Cassidy Demkov. As its name suggests, it was heavily inspired by the tiny first blooms of spring. This adorable floral pattern on our flowy Sophie Dress is one of the best robe fleurie for this spring and summer.

Smock Dress, Sleeveless, Brown Tartan

Smock Dress, Sleeveless, Brown Tartan

An oversized Smock Dress seems like a great idea for a Summer getaway! It means no thick fabric clinging to your body while you try to enjoy your day.

This dress is made of 100% Baltic Linen and comes in a stunning brown and yellow shade with checkered details. It’s mid-length and has a tulip-shaped skirt that creates a beautiful silhouette and shape. 

Pinafore Dress, Sleeveless, Blue Tarfan

Pinafore Dress, Sleeveless, Blue Tarfan

If you’re feeling particularly playful for the summer, wear our Blue Tarfan Pinafore Dress!

This no-sleeves summer dress is the ideal companion for girls and women out there looking to have some fun under the sun!

It comes with a fitted bodice and a long flowy, twirling skirt you can craft easily and conveniently as you desire.

An odd summer day with a chilly breeze?

Wear a white, long sleeved blouse underneath or a loose cardigan on top of the dress!

Going out on a summer adventure? Wear some stylish slippers or comfortable sandals! You can style this dress in plenty of different ways!

Wrap Dress, Tailored, Short Sleeves, Marsala

Wrap Dress, Tailored, Short sleeves, Marsala

Marsala Wrap Dress, a stunning addition to your wardrobe that combines elegance and comfort. The dress features a tailored wrap design that accentuates your curves and flatters your figure.

The short sleeves provide just the right amount of coverage while keeping you cool on warmer days. The rich marsala red color is perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit. This dress is perfect for both casual and formal occasions and can be dressed up or down with ease.

Made with premium quality fabric, the Marsala Wrap Dress is durable, comfortable, and will last you for years to come. Add this timeless piece to your collection today.

Mini Classic Dress, Short Sleeves, Vintage Pink

If you are looking for a shorter summer dress, our Mini Classic Dress is definitely the way to go!

Available in many different colors, we would particularly advise you to choose our romantic Vintage Pink for this season. Doesn't it call for many wonderful summer celebrations and many evening walks?

Linen Dresses for Autumn Season

Darcy Dress, Long Sleeves, Emerald Green

Darcy Dress, Long Sleeves, Emerald Green

This stunning Emerald Green Darcy Dress is the perfect welcome for the Autumn season!

This long-sleeved Darcy Dress is a wearable work of art that can snap up the essence of charm and sustainable fashion.

With this dress, you can enjoy a timeless and authentic style! It has delicate laces and bishop style sleeves that offer the perfect Autumn fit. 

Tailored Wrap Dress, Long Sleeves, Evergreen

Tailored Wrap Dress, Long Sleeves, Evergreen

Elegant wrap dress in the toned-down green is wonderful for fall outfits. The combination of silhouette and color created a wonderful piece to layer around and style with many other garments and accessories from your wardrobe. As timeless and versatile as it can be!

Butterfly Dress, Short Sleeves, Warm Brown

Butterfly Dress, Short Sleeves, Warm Brown

Our exquisite and stylish Butterfly Sleeve Dress embodies slow fashion and elegance. Crafted from 100% linen and made in an alluring warm brown shade, you can go out and enjoy the autumn breeze in style.

This enchanting dress sculpts an appealing and flattering silhouette while embracing practicality and your comfort. 

Smock Dress, Long Sleeves, Marigold

Smock Dress, Long Sleeve, Marigold

The autumn season is fairly known for being the cooling-off season, so expect the temperature to drop and go down.

If you’re looking to stay warm and cozy while spending the day out, then the Smock Dress with long sleeves is probably one of the best options!

Marigold is a fitting color for autumn as it embodies energy, passion, and holiday spice!

Linen Dresses for Winter

Classic Dress, Long Sleeves, Twill Linen, Gray Moon

Classic Dress, Long Sleeves, Twill Linen, Gray Moon

Twill linen is another type of linen, thicker and also warmer than our classic linen fabric.

All of our garments in Twill Linen are amazing options for winter days for something extra comforting, when everything gets colder and you need a little bit extra warmth. The timeless cut of the Classic Dress and the color Gray Moon make this garment extremely versatile and easy to style with almost everything!

Mini Classic Dress, Long Sleeves, Twill Linen, Night Navy

Mini Classic Dress, Long Sleeves, Twill Linen, Night Navy

If you prefer darker shades in winter, then Night Navy might be the perfect color choice for you!

It is easy to fall in love with this Mini Classic Dress crafted with pure and fine Baltic twill linen fabric.

Pair it with thick white or black stockings and boots, you’re ready to grace the winter air with this comfortable and stylish fit!

Classic Dress, Long Sleeves, Red Poppy

Classic Dress, Long Sleeves, Red Poppy

Red is the color of winter and Christmas! Not only Classic Dress in Coquelicot is just perfect to wear while waiting for all the holidays but also have in your capsule wardrobe as a bright and elegant addition to everyday.

Linen has this incredible capacity to keep you cool in summer and keep you warm in winter, so with its long sleeves, our Classic Dress is simply perfect.

Classic Dress, Long Sleeves, Plaid Brown

Classic Dress, Long Sleeve, Plaid Brown.

A Plaid Brown Classic Dress is an ideal winter attire for the upcoming winter holidays! You can just imagine yourself strolling along the city filled to the brim with Christmas decor and lights in this fine Baltic linen dress.

It has a full-circle mid-length skirt for a stylish look and side seam pockets to bury your hands in if they get cold.

Carmen Dress, Long Sleeves, Marsala Red

If you are staying by the fireplace during winter, a long-sleeved dress might be a bit too warm for you. As a solution to that, we advise you to wear our brand new Carmen Dress

Top Linen Dresses for Casual Day

Mini Classic Dress, Long Sleeves, Red Poppy

Mini Classic Dress, Long Sleeves, Red Poppy

For a casual day, opt for a Red Poppy dress to make you pop and stand out in a busy crowd! Our Mini Long Sleeve Classic Dress is a fine casual attire that exudes confidence, style, and beauty in one, pure Baltic Linen fabric.

With its charming Peter Pan collar, practical side seam pockets, and a full-circle skirt, you can wear it for just about any occasion! 

Classic Dress, Long Sleeves, Natural Linen

Classic Dress, Long Sleeves, Natural Linen

If green is not your favorite color and you want to try the most natural linen option possible, our lin naturel color is the way to go. As its name says, this linen was not dyed and kept its natural color. This shade of beige is also extremely easy to style with other garments from your wardrobe, and so a perfect garment to have a casual day.

Mini Classic Dress, Short Sleeves, Brown Checkers

Mini Classic Dress, Short Sleeves, Brown Checkers

Shades of beige, soft green or brown are the usual go-to colors associated with coziness and casualty. What if we add a little bit of spice with a checkered pattern?

You immediately have an original yet still casual dress! With its mini length, this option is perfect for all seasons: you can wear it in summer to enjoy a sunny afternoon in your garden, or in the middle of winter while staying warm next to the fireplace with a hot chocolate.

Pinafore Dress, Sleeveless, Black Pansy

Pinafore Dress, Sleeveless, Black Pansy

You might think our sleeveless Pinafore Dress is only for summer, but it isn’t! We love wearing it with a shirt or a turtleneck underneath to stay warm when the weather is colder, or ad a cardigan or weather on top.

This dress has a amazing capacity to be able to be worn for many occasions, and it’s another perfect option to stay casual in all seasons.

Mini Carmen Dress, ¾ Sleeves, Black Pansy

Mini Carmen Dress, ¾ Sleeves, Black Pansy

For a casual day out with friends or family, this Mini Carmen Dress should make you feel playful and mischievous!

A true masterpiece made of 100% linen, this dress comes in elegant black pansy and a flowy skirt. It’s an irresistible mini dress that you can wear for exciting and lovely summer and autumn adventures! 

Elegant Linen Dresses for Formal Events

Butterfly Dress, Short Sleeves, Seashell White

Butterfly Dress, Short Sleeves, Seashell White

For most formal events, wearing a soft pinkish white dress is one of the easiest options – you can’t go wrong with it!

To make sure you will step into the event with style, simplicity and elegance, our Butterfly Sleeve Dress with flowy butterfly sleeves in is the perfect outfit choice!

Elisa Dress, Long Sleeves, Evergreen

Elisa Dress, Long Sleeves, Evergreen

vert émeraude is the most versatile shade of green which is calming and elegant. Its deep green shade is the ideal balance between originality and class, making this dress a unique garment and choice for your next formal event.

Tailored Wrap Dress, Short Sleeves, Pink Stripe On White

With its V neckline, our Tailored Wrap Dress is a little bit more playful option. This dress is an amazing choice if you are going to a formal party. A linen dress is very breathable but also being light-colored and flowy and makes you feel comfortable yet elegant at the same time.

Eyre Dress, Long Sleeves, Marsala Red

Eyre Dress, Long Sleeves, Marsala Red

For an upcoming formal event, Marsala Red is a great color option as it screams elegance and sophistication with a hint of mystery.

The Eyre Dress features a classic style with clean lines and a tailored bodice, making it versatile for accessorizing and altering to fit any event. With this formal attire, you are dressed to the nines and ready to steal the spotlight! 

Classic Dress with Embroidered Meadow Peter Pan Collar, Long Sleeves, Black Pansy

Are you looking for something special?

Our Classic Dress with its beautifully embroidered Peter Pan collar might be the perfect formal dress for you.

The embroideries are adding a very vintage charm to the outfit, but still give you a trendy and classy look. In Black Pansy, you will without any doubt be the most elegant of the occasion!

Finest Linen Dresses for Wedding

Sophie Wedding Dress

Sophie Wedding Dress

Finding your dream wedding dress is usually a very long process and a hard choice to make. If you are looking for simplicity and timeless linen elegance, our Sophie Wedding Dress might be the one!

You will recognize the shape of our Classic Dress, but embellished with linen lace details on the sleeves and collar. This dress was created to enhance every women’s natural beauty, all you will need to add are the right accessories and a bouquet of flowers!

Classic Dress with Embroidered Meadow Peter Pan Collar, White Magnolia

Classic Dress with Embroidered Meadow Peter Pan Collar, White Magnolia

If your dream wedding dress is a dress with a little touch of color, then our Classic Dress with embroidered Peter Pan collar is made for you.

Subtle touch of color with the beautiful embroidery on the collar is unique and will feel special not only on your special day but also years later!

Sailor Dress, ¾ Sleeve, Hemp, Milky White

Sailor Dress, ¾ Sleeve, Hemp, Milky White

If you’re a woman of taste seeking to add originality and authenticity into her wedding, this Milky White Sailor Dress might just be the perfect choice!

Made from 100% hemp, this stunning dress is loose and flowy, ideal for those having Chic, Spring, or Tropical-style weddings. With this on, you would certainly stand out and be the center of attention on your upcoming nuptials. 

Classic Dress, Long Sleeve, Woodland Wonder

Classic Dress, Long Sleeve, Woodland Wonder

Feeling a bit adventurous for your upcoming wedding? This long-sleeved, classic dress has a unique and fancy pattern that would go well for those looking to have a whimsical or magical wedding ceremony and reception. The Peter Pan collar adds a touch of elegance, allowing you to exude beauty and grace on your big day!

Classic Dress with Embroidered Meadow Peter Pan Collar, Marsala Red

Classic Dress with Embroidered Meadow Peter Pan Collar, Marsala Red

Are you looking for a bridesmaids dress? This one is really a special one created to spread beauty and love. But at the same time, who said a wedding dress can only be white?

Did you know that white wedding dresses were popularized by Queen Victoria and since then, it became the go-to color for wedding dresses?

But before that, brides used to wear all sorts of colorful dresses for their big day! Red is the color of love and luck. Either way, Classic Dress with Embroidered Meadow Collar in Marsala Red is a unique dress for any of your special days.

Recommended Dresses for Vacation

Pinafore Dress, No Sleeves, Warm Brown

Versatile and stylish. The sleeveless pinafore dress is excellent for layering over your favorite tops. Brown adds class to any outfit. High-quality, comfy, and easy-care fabric makes the dress.

This dress can be dressed up or down easily and will be perfect both if you want to go on an outdoor adventure, at the museum or just walking on the beach.

For extremely hot summer days, you are probably looking for a flowy dress without sleeves. This dress exists, and it is called the Smock Dress!
Thanks to its gorgeous dainty horizontal embroidery, you will have a unique outfit, perfect no matter what type of holidays you decide to spend.

Classic Dress, Vintage Sea Life

Classic Dress, Short Sleeve, Vintage Sea Life

A dress that looks straight out of your dreams! If you want to dress vintage - this dress might be perfect for you.

This A-line shaped, short sleeve vintage dress can accentuate your waist and give you a flattering look. It comes with a vintage-style pattern that makes the world think you have a story to tell.

With its full romantic skirt, you can sway a nostalgic dance along the shoreline or run along the grasslands. 

Pinafore Dress, Sleeveless, Teal Blue

Pinafore dress, No sleeves, Teal Blue

It looks like this dress was made for outdoors adventures. Its joyful style only reminds us of the happiness of going on holiday and discovering new cities, regions or countries. You can totally wear this dress for all your holiday activities, no matter if it is sporty or more relaxed – believe us, this dress is amazingly practical.

Clementine Dress, Long Sleeve, Natural Stripe

Imagine a dress that look gorgeous on a special occasion same way as with a pear of elegant sneakers but also save your body from the crazy heatwaves and sun with the light and flowy linen layer.

That’s right, our Clementine Dress is a true life-saver! This dress is a simple and versatile choice, amazing for summer holidays thanks to its sleeveless design and if it gets colder you can always add a jacket or sweater on top to keep you warm.

Final Thoughts

We hope this little guide helped you to find your dream linen dress for every season and occasion. We picked only a few of the options you can find in our little online store, but we hope our guide will help you to navigate among all our timeless garments!

If you would like to talk to us about any of our designs and choosing the best for you, you are most welcome to contact us at info@sondeflor.com and we will be happy to help you on choosing your perfect linen dress!