5 Linen Styling Tips: One Shirt and Skirt

If you are interested in all things vintage and retro, then Shirin Altsohn is the one girl you should take notice of, because she is a real Vintage Soul from Germany, sharing insights and love for vintage inspired fashion.  We've asked Shirin to style our Linen Classic Shirt & Jupe in several different ways and we love the results! Enjoy the tips below!

"Whenever I get asked how to start with a vintage inspired wardrobe, the most important tip that comes into my mind is to get iconic items. Good iconic items in your collection can safe a lot of your days because they are so versatile. Especially when you‘re just starting out.

You can create many different looks by just adding a few more pieces or mixing and matching them with others. The wonderful Peter Pan Collar Shirt in White Magnolia from Son de Flor and the Classic Skirt in Blue Tartan from their newest Fall/Winter collection are the perfect pieces for that. Take a look at my favorite ways to style them below!

1. Add a belt and/or a straw hat for a modern Edwardian twist

The belt will help you to create a new silhouette and make your outfit more interesting. The straw hat adds a romantic look.

Add a belt

2. Add some suspenders and roll up the sleeves for a simple but sophisticated look

The suspenders will give your outfit a unique touch and the rolled up sleeve make it a bit casual.

Add some suspenders

3. Wear a cardigan and/or a beret for a classic and chic style a la 1950s

The cardigan will be the perfect layer for colder days and they also add a touch of color. Berets are just the perfect accessory for every fall outfit.

Wear a cardigan

4. Add a vest and/or a flat cap for a more masculine feel

Because outfits with skirts don‘t always have to be purely feminine.

Add a vest

5. Wear a pullover over your blouse to stay warm and cozy during the cold days

Just like the cardigan it‘s the perfect piece for layering and that‘s important during the cold seasons.

Wear a pullover

Of course there are many more ways to style these timeless pieces but I think you can get a feeling for their versatility.


Fashion is always about having fun, expressing who you are and wearing what makes you the most comfortable. So never be afraid to try out different looks and experiment. In the end it‘s important that you are happy with your outfit and Son de Flor‘s pieces definitely make me happy!'

Thank you, Shirin! Start with your timeless vintage dresses.