How to Choose Linen Wedding Dress?

How precious and fragile is a perfect wedding day where we celebrate love and family. This day brings so many emotions to our hearts that fulfill us from within making us feel so alive and present.

Since it‘s one of the most important days of our lives, we really want to help making it magical and cozy, and bring out true beauty around us.

So, How To Choose Linen Wedding Dress?


With the Linen Wedding Capsule we want to celebrate timeless fashion and the power of linen fabric. In our new collection you can find all the recognizable Son de Flor dresses presented in White Magnolia, Seashell White and lin naturel colors crafted for this special occasion.



Wedding dress is so very special that we invest a lot of efforts in finding it. Usually brides invest a lot in it to wear only once on their special day and after it, hide the dress in their closet for warm memories and forget about it.

We believe in a wedding dress that could be worn on many other occasions after it. If to change few accents such as shoes, hair style and accessories, dress can became appropriate for many future occasions to come.

We believe in versatility that inspires creativity and freedom of style elevating the best experiences any day you wear our linen piece. That's why linen dress is a perfect fit for this important day.

We highly recommend to read our in-depth guide on how to choose the wedding dress for your body type.


Linen is usually considered as a fabric used for a daily wear which is durable and breathable. However, it can be as wonderful choice for your special event. Linen tells a story even when it is a newly made piece. It‘s personal and timeless style comforts you with a soft layer on your skin making you feel safe and beautiful.

What is more, we appreciate it‘s sustainability being natural and fully biodegradable resource. It inspires to remember to take care of our planet and wonderful nature gifts that we are honoured to admire.



Thank you to wonderful MaJuLa @majulahandmade for creating beautiful and subtle accessories that add charm to the wedding look.


We would love to see Son de Flor women twirling in white linen dresses on their Linen Wedding!