Women's Wrap Dress: All About It

Wrap dress has been introduced to the world since 1930’s and it keeps being one of the most iconic and timeless pieces to this day. With the rebirth of wrap dress by Belgian designer Diane Von Furstenberg in 1970’s came the second wave of this style of a dress and nothing seems to indicate that it’s planning to leave the runways and streets in the near future.

Wrap dress has such a simple design that it’s just genius. It has the power to bring subtle femininity, romance and a sense of ease into your look.

You can throw it on your shoulders when walking on the sunny beach during hot summer day or on a chilly evening walk with a sweater put on top.  This versatile piece is here for any body shape as it hugs and shapes you perfectly without much struggle.

This Spring/Summer Collection we introduce two wrap dresses in Marsala and pétale de rose. Marsala brings some energy to the outfit and revives you from within. 



pétale de rose is wonderful for warm seasons and it easily alters your capsule wardrobe with it subtle and pastel color.



Many of us are probably still used of wearing layers of clothes which is left from the cold days of winter. Spring brings an opportunity to bloom like a flower and present our inner colors through the clothes we wear. Let's put on dresses that inspire us to follow our dreams and be people each day.