We use the term so easily, but what do we actually know about the col Claudine? Where is it coming from? Why it's called after this lovely boy, who never grew up? 

So first of all, the Peter Pan collar is a form of the flat collar, one of the three basic collar types along with stand and roll collars. You can see it above or also here

Seems that Peter Pan Collars are named after the collar worn by Maude Adam’s in her classic 1905 performance as the lead role in J.M.Barrie’s novel. Shaped to fit the neckline, it is a flat collar that lies upon the torso with soft, curved corners. 

Maudie Adams was an American actress who achieved her greatest success as the character Peter Pan, first playing the role in the 1905 Broadway production of Peter Pan! The audience loved the play, but what resonated in fashion at the time was Maude’s adorable personality and unique costume. While the base of the costume was intended to have a leafy camouflaged look, the neckline was adorned with a polished, flat, rounded collar with points that met at the front. What was known as the “Peter Pan collar” became a popular design addition to fashion in the United States and United Kingdom, and quickly became a popular collar style around the world.

The eponymous collar inspired decades of fashion and is still incorporated in fashion-forward styles today. We are in love with Peter Pan Collar, which makes our Classic Dresses so timeless!

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10 juillet, 2020

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