Where to Buy Linen Loungewear for Women?

For a long time, the months of February and January were a small misunderstanding between the festive period and the Spring, always waiting for the March to come.

This year, however, we took a deeper look and realized they are a gift to all of us, the hasty souls! The nature is giving us a chance to slow down, sit back, relax and recharge ourselves before we all get up and get outside with the rise of Easter.

Where to Find Linen Loungewear for Women?

For this very reason this year we’ve come up with the idea of staying home in a cozy and relaxed manner. In case your linen Son de Flor dress is waiting for the spring to bloom anew, how about you enjoy yourself in our 100% linen pants and shirts paired with some of our best serving wool accessories?

We’ve tried all of the garments ourselves and they are wearing perfectly well! Besides being so skin friendly, they are also very light, so light that at some point we’ve checked if we are not walking naked… Can’t wait to hear your impressions!


Where to Buy Linen Loungewear for Women?


Yes, linen is pricey and it also wrinkles, but it’s also one of the healthiest fabric choices not only for human skin, but also for the Earth. And the qualities listed below just pay out all the doubts about the worth of linen products.   

We say yes to Linen Loungewear, since it’s highly absorbent. Due to its molecular structure, linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before ever feeling damp! It also allows more airflow and is therefore less likely to cling to the skin. Water is absorbed and wicked away from the skin, then quickly evaporates.

Linen is also temperature regulating! Thus your Linen Loungewear will feel equally cozy on a hot and muggy summer night or a biting cold winter morning.

Your Line Loungewear will get softer each time washed! Because of its’ unique properties, linen gets softer, shinier, and just more all-around scrumptious with each wash. Yet it will also stay with your longer, since linen is stronger than cotton – if properly cared for, your linen garments will last you decades, turning into a great investment.

Due to its magical properties, linen is a wonderful option for those with skin disorders or sensitivities, and creates a healthy microclimate for the skin, since it’s hypo-allergenic. It’s also anti-static, resistant to bacteria, fungus, dust mites and is naturally repellent.

Besides being a great environmental choice, since all parts of the flax plant are used in the harvesting process, leaving no footprint. Also, it's a renewable resource, needing very little irrigation when grown, and is minimally processed. And being made from a 100% natural fibers, it's also biodegradable. 

The last but not least… because of the microscopic "breaks" throughout the textured fabric, your Linen Loungewear will give you a bit of a light massage as you wear it.

Now that you see all the beautiful benefits of linen and January + February give you a legal permission to dive within, take a look at our Linen Loungewear capsule and the backstage of our lovely photoshoot, sprinkled with snow!

Find the full collection here.