Son de Flor commitment to customization goes beyond the realm of imagination, catering to a wide array of unique requests from our clients. From the perfect fit to distinct design elements, we offer a world of possibilities for personalized creations.

Individual Measurements Required: For custom orders, we request these measurements:

- Shoulders
- Chest
- Waist
- Back length
- Biceps
- Custom item’s length (if You would like to change it)

What you can expect from Son de Flor when it comes to your custom made Son de Flor dress?

Size & Length Adjustments: Son de Flor understands that each body is beautifully unique, thus our customization process allows clients to request specific size and length adjustments. Whether it's tailoring a dress to fit precise measurements or elongating the silhouette for a graceful flow, Son de Flor skillfully crafts garments that flatter individual body shapes, ensuring the perfect fit for our clients.

Special Details: Clients often desire that special touch, a unique detail that sets their dress apart. Son de Flor readily fulfills these requests, offering a range of design elements that can be added to their dresses. Whether it's a whimsical bow, delicate lace trim, or intricate embroidery, Son de Flor's sewing team can fulfill these requirements, turning each dress into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects the client's personal style.

Color Adjustments: The color palette is another realm where Son de Flor's customization shines. Clients have the freedom to select from a range of exquisite hues, allowing them to create a dress that resonates with their individual preferences and complements their skin tone. By offering an extensive selection of shades, Son de Flor ensures that each client's vision comes to life, transforming their dress into a vivid expression of their unique personality.

Blending Features For An Entirely New Dress: For those seeking to blend features of different Son de Flor dresses, the customization process becomes an opportunity for boundless creativity. Clients can envision an entirely new creation, combining the best elements from various dress styles. Whether it's the neckline of one dress with the skirt of another or the sleeves of one with the back detailing of another, Son de Flor's skilled sewing team expertly blends these features, breathing life into a garment that is truly a reflection of the client's imagination.

Price: Running those extra miles to make your dream dress come true adds a 15 to 25% additional fee, depending on the complexity of your wish. As each case is different and unique, please consult our team for the final price of your timeless Son de Flor dress!

Please note that custom orders are not accepted during the seasonal sales and none of discount codes are valid for the customization.

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