Sailor Style Clothing

    Red Poppy
    Milky White

    Happiness and magic. Beauty and comfort. Above all, elegance.

    If you are looking for something astonishing yet unique, Sailor Style Clothing may add style and sophistication to your wardrobe, further running to be your favorite piece amongst everything else. Son de Flor uses softened linen or natural hemp fabric in creating each piece to ensure its softness, breathability, and flow. With its solid colors and refreshing patterns, you can enjoy a marine-inspired fashion statement that can make you feel comfortable in every season and occasion.

    Son de Flor crafts this nautical collection with a loose fit and long sleeves with folded detailing, giving a relaxed and unforgettable look you will always love to wear again. Its attractive sailor collar that is closed with a small button appends more style, perfect for a stroll near the sea, tea parties, warm afternoons, or a casual date in the park.

    This fancy Sailor Style collection also highlights maritime-inspired dresses with a tulip-shaped pleated skirt and hidden side seam pockets, creating an alluring yet functional garment. Also, its white interior lining on the bottom hem makes the dress more stunning and cozier.

    Aside from mixing elegance and comfort in one, Son de Flor also ensures excellent quality and durability. Each sailor-style clothing does not fade and never shrinks after washing, making it a timeless statement you will love from time to time.