One snowy winter weekend Son de Flor ladies dressed in many layers and accompanied with some hot tea, grabbed a bag of carrots and apples and headed to the valley of horses. The place of care and kindness we were lucky to be part of and create special Winter Story.



When winter treats us with snow everything around us becomes fairy tale like. But in the Valley of horses everything is a bit more magical. This place is a home for hurt and psychologically hostile animals. So called pastures of freedom were created by non-profit organization that cares about horse welfare and education on it in Lithuania. Their mission is to help people know horses as animals not as an enemy that has to be tamed.  By releasing all the restraints the true beauty can be relieved. Once horses reach the valley after months of suffering, fast adaptation to the environment is surprising and the desire for freedom simply inspires. You know the saying true self is free. It can not be contained. Through this freedom real and unique characters of each horse emerge.



Here are little stories of our new friends. 


Here is Kutas 19 years old pony. A quiet and truly introvert but friendly animal. He did go through years of labor in farms and many other jobs.  



Gorgeous Bardo is 21 years old. He had a serious accident and trauma and became unwanted. Now he feels much better. And his gratitude is seen in huge respect and wisdom towards people around him.



Beautiful Loki has been saved from the meet factory by the member of the association. He is curious and friendly horse.



Here are two inseparable friends Grikis and Kapucinas. They where saved from neglected farm when they were few months old.
Kapucinas is as a mountain of  calmness and strength. While Grikis is always full of energy. They are perfect together almost like brothers. 



Bardo and his friend Bukta. The whole universe for Bukta is her herd.  The place where she finds the sense of life.



And last but not least is Africa. Beautiful, calm and friendly horse.



Horse Protection Association ZGA is a member of the International Society for Protecting Animals (WSPA) organization and an associated member of the International Division of the British Society for the Protection of Animal Rights (RSPCA).   
ZGA is ran by group of 8 activists. Being a non profit organization they are able to take care of the horses with the help of donations. 


After spending a day in the Valley we left being happy and inspired. It was wonderful to see how simple kindness can create so much joy. Sending huge thank you to the Valley of Horses and all our new friends. Surely we will meet  again :) 


We would like to ask you to start the year with open hearts and give the gift of love and care. You can help Valley of Horses to take care of the animals and save more.  Please follow the link and donate. Every little helps more than you think.


Thank you for your time and kindness. 
May your this winter and the whole year be absolutely wonderful and inspiring.


With love,
Son de Flor
January 10, 2019

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