Who Made Your Clothes?

Dear Son de Flor Community, 

Quite often we get questions, who stand behind Son de Flor brand? Do we produce our linens in India or China?

Do we have our PR, Customer Management, Finance, and/or Marketing departments? How many people work there?

This beautiful week of April celebrating The Revolution of Fashion seems like a perfect occasion to open the curtains and very shortly introduce you to our small yet incredibly powerful team of amazing women.

So no, we are a small team, obviously, creating some revolution in the fashion industry by proving that fashion is not and should never be disposable, on the contrary, it can be made from natural fabric we are all in love, called linen, friendly to both, our Mother Nature and her children Human beings.

Secondly, fashion should never last one season, but decades, through impeccable quality and timeless design. Sometimes we get arguments that small indie-brands create unaffordable clothing and we will come back to why fast fashion clothing is much more pricey than any of our dresses, and who cries behind it, soon. But now let's come back to our team!

So, as mentioned above, we are a team of 8 women, all talking one of the oldest languages in the world with the biggest number of diminutives (Lithuanian), based on the coast of the Baltic Sea and carrying linen in our DNA through our long-lasting traditions. 

Before we jump to the founders and the administrative part of our team, please meet our sewing, construction, and production know-how! Everything that we do not outsource to the local sewing manufacturers, all the samples, customizations, and your special dreams are made by the know-how and the hands of these 3 incredible women. 

Meet Rita, our silent and busy bee. Happy to have you on the team, dear Rita!

Jolanta, the whisperer of linen, our thorough and diligent help! Happy to have you in the family, dear Jolanta!

And Kristina, our travel enthusiast, beautiful storyteller, and sound mind behind every dreamy idea our designer Vaida might come up with! Happy to follow every advice or yours, dear Kristina! 

As you might already know, Son de Flor was founded by two sisters, Indre and Vaida, both very different in nature, but getting along incredibly well. 

Please meet Vaida, who is the main creative soul of the company. She stands behind every Son de Flor design and photoshoot idea, as well as constant daily communication. If you ever feel like saying anything to one of our founders (actually writing this blog as well), just drop by to our Instagram or Facebook or leave a comment here and she (me :)) will get back to you asap! 

The other of two sisters is Indre, who is standing on firm grounds and keep the company in one place once Vaida is sitting on the cloud nr. 9, deeply hidden in the creative or virtual communications with her community or herself. Indre is our strategy, finance, accounting, production, and operations in our hands. As you see, she is also our stock lifter and the strongest person, physically and emotionally, on board. Thank you Indre, we love you!

Then meet Ruta, sharp as a knife, slightly cynical, yet very just, responsible and gentle. We couldn't be happier having her as the thought and hands behind our customer care, stock management, and shipping! Every support you get with the fitting or customization, every positive or negative feedback, every tracking code sent for your parcel - this is Ruta. Thank you beautiful, we love you!

We are in love with Monika as well! She joined our team a year ago and we hope for many years to come! Monika takes care of our exports and partnerships but also comes for help in any issue arising in the company, including packing, shipping, tracking, customer care, and/or daily communication support on social media channels. She is the smartest, most beautiful, loyal, and unproblematic person we know in Lithuania, but maybe also on Earth? Happy to have you around, dear Monika! <3

Our gentle soul, daily 'omm..' and e-commerce manager Indre V., who stands behind our website optimization and quite a few other areas only the Z generation can handle naturally. The most recent member of our team, yet shining brightly with youth and inner calm. We love you Indre V.!

So this is us. Nice to meet you so much!! We appreciate all your love and support in these turbulent times. Your attention and every purchase impact directly every single member of our team!

Happy to have you as a part of our family! 
Yours, Son de Flor