What We Would like Son de Flor to Be

'That dress is so much more than meets the eye. It’s calmness and safety. It’s home. It’s laughter round the dining table. It’s comfort and assurance. It’s modest and yet standing out. No chase of trends, nor seasons. Timeless. Feminine. Charming. Subtle.' 

Words that our designer Vaida always says. An idea she always had. From this idea, Son de Flor was born.

When we met with old and few new Friends in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, Vaida, Son de Flor‘s creative mind (in Spring Green dress), told a story behind it all. Story of two sisters, weary from chasing seasons in the fast fashion industry and being sure, that there is a way of slowing this world down a little by creating permanent beauty, without the urge of constant consumption. That one timeless linen dress was in sisters minds. And little by little Son de Flor grew to a lovely bunch of 8 women working towards the same idea. While the story is an echo of the past, the most exciting part now is where our journey will take us.

We are absolutely delighted to introduce you our initiative #mysondeflor - the conscious wearing of what you already have. Son de Flor linen garments not only are durable but more importantly – versatile. Our aspiration to inspire others by showing that Son de Flor suits any women for any occasion. The timeless design can be transformed into the look you like and feel most comfortable in. It is a bit like a white canvas. Add a hat and scarf for a more romantic look. But the dress can really look great with sneakers and some accessories. Your styling and a personal touch can transform such a simple item as a dress to a most wearable piece of item you have. It can be a great opportunity to invent your new style.

    Inspiring Daniela

Suze styled dress the way she loves it

The concept of #mysondeflor for the first time was presented at the small gathering we hosted for our friends and slow, sustainable fashion supporters in Berlin. The idea was welcomed with joy and we already see people finding their way of wearing Son de Flor for different occasions. What is even more lovely that same admiration connected different people and new friendships sprung. It really felt like home and just a big family gathering for Sunday's dinner while talking about important matters. And we could not wish for a better time and place to start #mysondeflor.

Meeting our guests and seeing diversity in women lives made us incredibly happy. Our guests that we connected with through social media, sustainable fashion events came from not only Berlin but also travelled to meet us from Norway (Barbora @herinternest, so happy to finally meet you) even Italy (Eve @mrselizabethbennet, was so wonderful to have you join us!). The memories would not have the full Son de Flor feeling without gorgeous pictures that our talented photographer Joana captured during this evening. All our guest could have their Son de Flor moment. The happiness Joana captured in the photographs is something we always cherish.

Verena, Kim and Vaida

We finally met Barbora!

Sweet Eva

It was such a great opportunity to share our experiences and efforts working towards more conscious living, sustainable fashion. The feedback and we got is priceless. We discussed what makers could do to improve in this field. We took the opportunity to share how we introduced plastic-free packaging, how we deal with linen scraps that we give to an artist @majulahandmade who creates headbands and that our unusable plastic goes to the inspiring woman behind name @replasti_co2 who turns it to purses or bags. But there is always a place to grow. And you inspire us to do so every day. Letters like these allow us to see that what we do brings more happiness to life and inspires to create more  good:

‘’Getting in touch with the idea and makers of Son de Flor was a wonderful journey. And thank you so much for this incredible dress. I was wearing it every day since our gathering last week and I've got so many compliments. But it’s not only about the compliments - it's about how I feel when I'm wearing it.’ ( Mirijam form ‘My Green Style’ blog)


At this moment the idea of the versatile dress and conscious wardrobe evolving to slow and versatile fashion movement. And we would like this movement to grow bigger with the support of our friends, fans, and customers through the #mysondeflor. Also, this concept really goes along with Livia's Firth Co-founder and Creative Director of  Eco-Age sustainability campaign #30wears that encourage to think before you buy.


We invite you to join us for the journey of fewer but versatile items to wear! Let’s inspire one another and people who are in search of alternative style to fast fashion. Style your looks with Son de Flor garments, capture it and post it on Instagram with #mysondeflor and #30wears.

And step by step together we will make a difference! 


       Gorgeous Shagun

 Cherie from @sustainablefashionmatterz


Thank you so much to all our guests who came to meet us in Berlin. We still smile and feel happy remembering such a lovely evening filled with sincere joy. We are patiently looking forward to seeing where our journey will take us all.



Gorgeous styles of our wonderful guests
Gorgeous Nicole @madame.rhos

Dörte and Sophia founders of LISSOME magazine 

Dear Nargess

Amazing style of Kim @kimgoeseko

The best friends that you always laugh while together 

Ljuba and Marianne

Dear friend Kiko @kiko.sunflowersoul


Lovely ladies Erika and Egle

Dear Denise


Sweet Anna

Lovely Lia

Stunning Barbara

THANK YOU for all you love and support!


With love,

Son de Flor girls