Vintage Glamour by Madame Rhos

Every time we see Nicole Rhoslynn, an artist, an opera singer, and a vintage style icon from Berlin, we fly back in time. Nicole kindly accepted to add to our series of fashion sustainability through mindful styling of timeless dresses and prepared 5 different ideas for our Tailored Black Dress with a pinch of vintage glamour! We have to admit, we couldn't recognize the dress, so beautifully it was styled! Meet Nicole and enjoy her creativity! One beautiful dress for 5 beautiful occasions!

 Rhoslynn, an opera singer and a mum of a 3 years old boy, living in Berlin and totally in love with the fashion of the 1950s. Started dressing vintage in 2017 combining it with ethical and fair fashion. In love with the elegance, shape, and femininity of the 1950s. Encouraged by Instagram to change the wardrobe when seeing all the beautiful women living different eras. This evoked the braveness to follow her own passion for vintage style. Since then couldn’t be happier to finally find a style that suits and brightens the mood every day. Nicole is an artist and sees fashion as art while combining different fabrics, colors, and shapes. Nicole's profession and the passion for vintage fashion influence each other, just as the love for art, literature, and classical music. Everything is connected and this feeling is indescribable with words! 


We are so happy to have discovered you, dear Nicole! It's always a pleasure working with you!