The way we create our personal style is a lot like moulding with clay; we use tools that give colour, texture, line and form to forge our unique look. 

Adding layers to a basic shape is then like applying painterly brushstrokes across a blank canvas. In lieu of oils or watercolours, we work with the feel and texture of textiles; we choose linens and wools, thick and delicate fabrics in soft and in contrasting hues.

Let’s take a closer look at the Art of Layering — what to keep in mind when introducing new layers of clothing to your look and why layering is more important to our planet, than that which meets the eye.  

We all want to do our part for the environment, and this is one way to adjust without sacrificing our personal style. Layering contributes to a more sustainable approach to fashion. Start shopping our own closets for fresh takes on old looks, revive them for the new season. 

Of course, we all want our unique style to be effortless while elegant, and the right layering lends a new lease on life to a past season’s garments. For this, we want to ensure a solid foundation of versatile garments to choose from to be able to adapt to the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter months. These versatile garments are our Capsule Wardrobe —an ever growing trend in the Conscious Fashion Lifestyle, because it increases the lifespan of our clothes, and that makes a lot more sense to the earth.

So, let’s start layering!

The first layer, the one closest to our skin has to be absolutely the most delicious layer. In our wardrobe, we choose a soft, fine Cotton Petticoat, that will breathe and hug us like a second skin while not adding bulk. We can use these with or without sleeves as a nightgown and simply peel off our outer layers to settle down in sweet dreams.

Some great advice while layering is to keep in mind: textures, colours, lengths and fabrics.

Let‘s take a look at some classic layering that works.

For an effortless, casual look, try blending similar textures, fit and hues.

A loose-fitting Sand Beige Smock Dress harmonizes with an equally relaxed Rosemary-Green Wrap-Dress, which can be tied loosely or tightly to hug the body’s curves. Add a soft ribbon belt and our Palisandra Shawl in a contrasting or complementary colour depending on your mood and the occasion.  

When we are layering similar textures or shapes, such as regular weave linen and a loose fitting dress, we like to mix things up a bit by adding colour and accessories. Choosing handcrafted accessories will add not only sentimental value but also support small businesses and local artisans.

Being playful with our garments lends a sense of joy and fun, adding yet another reason to layer away.

An eloquent mix of textures speaks volumes for personal style.

Son de Flor uses three different types of linen: Twill, Houndstooth and Regular Weave Linen, which we layer to create three different looks here, each with varying depth and feel. 

Juxtaposing soft patterns does not overshadow but rather compliments in this feminine look, which is timeless and universal in its possibilities for any occasion. 

Here we pair a Peter Pan Collar Shirt tucked into our Classic Skirt and nestled under a Dahlia Vest topped with a Button Down Dress as a light duster. Remember: the top layer should always be more loose fitting rather than constrictive to allow freedom of movement.

Different Fabrics and Garment Shapes

We always choose natural fibres and wool is one of the most comfortable layers to use in cold weather. This look combines our Marigold Elisa Dress with a contrasting Moss Houndstooth Button Down Dress draped with a Brown Tilda Shawl, worn here as a vest. 

Different lengths and textures create flattering and feminine outlines against the bareness of winter, while marigold adds a spark of colour that is warm and cozy in the chill of the season.

Envelope yourself in a long woollen coat

Winter dares us to be spontaneous; reach for a Big Coat and add Fine Layers beneath, as in these looks and step out.

Our Brown Garden Coat, under a Palisandra Shawl, embrace us in our sleeveless Smock Dress layered here atop our long-sleeved Smock Dress beneath. We love this top layer both buttoned up or down and depending on the moment, maybe a belt to pull it all together.


In support of the conscious, Capsule Wardrobe, we build our closets based on a few core items and tyling it with what you already own and Son de Flor started the #mysondeflor initiative on Instagram. This initiative allows for us, but more importantly, you, to showcase the unique and different ways of styling our timeless linen garments paired with your own personal wardrobe finds.   

To us, layering is the key to different and countless combinations for a unique and fresh look any and every season. 

Click here for more information on the #mysondeflor initiative. 

We love seeing how you create your personal style with Son de Flor clothing that we craft especially for you to have fun with, so every Monday we share style inspirations created by you! See if your personal style is featured here. 

Also, you can take a peek at how we created 30 different ways to style our Classic and Smock Dresses.

Son de Flor wants to be your inspiration to keep exploring and creating your unique signature and style with ethically made clothing to last you a lifetime.

With Love,
Son de Flor
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January 21, 2020

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