How Timeless is Sustainable?

Would you believe that every year there are around 150 billion garments made in the global fashion industry, 30% of which is never sold. An average life span on an apparel item in developed countries is less than 3 years and more than 50% of fast fashion products are disposed in under one year. Which brings us to 12.8 million tons of clothing ending up in landfill annually, as Environmental Protection Agency is stating. Even more, according to Greenpeace report, 98 million tons of natural resources are used to create 92 million tons of solid waste each year in fast fashion industry.

The numbers are hard to believe and even harder to understand. Seems, if we want to keep our Planet Green, every small change in our consumption patterns counts. Just imagine, if we extend the life of clothes by just extra 9 months of active use, we would reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20-30% each!

Cheap, fast and disposable fashion is becoming too expensive for our Planet and a hidden burden for our children, this is one of the reasons we created our slow and sustainable fashion brand Son de Flor – to offer an alternative – timeless styles made form linen, one of the kindest fabrics on and for out Planet Earth, to serve you a lifetime on countless occasions.

The path of your linen Son de Flor dress reaching your wardrobe is very long. From growing the flax into making the yarns into weaving and coloring the linen. Then developing and optimizing the constructs, cutting the fabrics, sewing and softening it. Finally ironing and finishing with all the details. Finally, wrapping and shipping to the lovely corner your called home. It takes hands, resources, time, patience, skills, love and effort.

We understand what it takes to produce a dress and the only one conclusion comes to our mind with this knowledge - fashion should not be made disposable. Even  though the market is seducing all of us to buying more, using it less, disposing and buying again, the final decision is in our hands.

Thank you for loving our Fall Winter 2020 arrivals, which we avoid calling a ‘new collection’ because many of them will stay with us (and hopefully you) many more seasons to come! That’s the beauty of timeless classics. Shortly we will walk you through the process of our Classic Dress making and we hope you will share our vision on conscious and responsible consumption even more! 

Enjoy our FW20 Magic here ~