To be in line with our values and those of our precious community, we question every step of our production process to make sure we are creating a dress you deserve.  Since we believe in building a slower, more sustainable future for the clothing industry, we are challenged to be as ethical in our production as possible. More importantly, we value transparency, therefore, we want to share what hides behind our label.

Each dress is touched by at least 20 pairs of hands before resting in yours. There are hands that create the construction sheets, the ones that cut the fabric, there are hands that sew your dress, the ones that soften them, hands that iron and finish your dress, hands that pack your dress and hands it to the delivery man. There are hands that respond to all your inquiries concerning the dress, hands that fill every line for the delivery detail. Hands to track your dress travelling.

Have we mentioned the hands that make sure each dress has a picture and these pictures are for your reach? And so many more hands in-between.

August 06, 2020

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