One sunny summer day we got a letter form Lena. The letter was about a dream that Lena had – to travel to New Zealand and take our dress on board. Lena is a sweet and kind human being living in Germany to whom traveling might be not as easy as for some of us. Her story about her dream reached more people than just us and there is even the song about it created by community of artists from hitRECord  (Image bellow is from the song video 'Friendly skeleton')


We were thrilled to be a part of Lena’s dream and we could not hold ourselves back from asking her a bit more about the dreams coming coming true.

For how long do you dream to go to New Zealand? And why did you decided to share this on hitRECord website?

I had this New Zealand dream ever since I can remember or to be more precise when I started watching the best series in the whole wide world made by the awesome Raymond Thompson called The Tribe. New Zealand was always something that I wanted to see and experience.

This might be long answer, but I don’t know how else to say it. Ok, so in 2009 I joined hitRECord. Back then it was a forum and it was like finally finding that one place where you belong or like the place you’ve been searching for all along. The thing that makes hitRECord so awesome and special is that it’s such a safe & wonderful space full of amazing creative encouraging people where everyone is free to express themselves + to remix each other works and be a part of something bigger together. The people and the art are so inspiring there. It's a wonderland of imagination. I basically could go on and on.

So when the when the "Impossible Dream" collab/project came along, someone like me felt safe to actually sit down and make a video. I also was at a point where I thought: I want to do something for myself! It also made me realise how much I wanted to make my dream become a reality. I never thought that it would become what it has become. I’s too incredible for words.

How did your life change since you openly shared your dream with others ( on Hit Record)?

Oh so much. Travelling gave me a voice. All the incredible support & encouragement from the hitRECord community and staff gave me a better believe in myself (even though it still goes up and down again, because I doubt and question everything I do) and inner strength that wasn’t there before. I don’t think I would have this if it weren’t for the “Impossible Dream”. When people cheer you on and say like: Hey, I believe in you! Encouragement goes a long way. I mean, I feel like they helped me to open up a door to see that I CAN make this dream possible and that means so much and I’m endlessly grateful for it.

What drew you to Son de Flor? And why would you like to take us to your trip to New Zealand?

I saw that my friend Desirea (She’s a brilliant photographer) followed your IG account and that got me curious. I think what drew me in where the beautiful photos and the natural look (models, clothes, etc.). It gave me a good feeling that someone like me could wear your dresses too.

I would like to take the dress on my New Zealand trip with me, because I can just imagine twirling around in it, sitting down in Fidel’s Café or being in soju_shots studio with it. I truly feel like myself while wearing this beautiful dress (which is rare). It’s so fun, comfortable and it’s like I haven’t worn anything else before. I cannot even express the joy it gives me. It’s such a dream!!!

We so image in you spinning in you smock dress in most magnificent nature views of New Zealand! And if you could take is your favorite flower with you what would that be?

Buttercup :)

With all this change in your life, what are you looking forward to most in the coming days/weeks/months?

In September me and my Mama are going to travel to Porto & I’m very much looking forward to it. I love having adventures with my Mama and the memories we make together. I'll definitely will bring my Son de Flor dress with me!

Moments from Porto

And the question we have wanted to ask you since the first letter - What would you say to people who are not huge believers in dreams coming true?

Over the years, I have learned quite a bit from the lovely people that I admire and the advice they have given me. I think I would say…

I know dreams can be quite a mountain to climb (and I still have a long way ahead of me, I think), but keep fighting for it. It’s worth it. You are a person of value and you can do it! Enjoy the journey with all the ups and downs that come along the way, but keep going. Don’t let other people underestimate yourself, even when it feels like you are taking one step forward and two steps back again. Take a look at everything you have achieved so far. I think there is a time and place for everything, so when you feel ready and keep being determined, maybe your dream is closer than you think and you’re going to appreciate it all the more when it’s finally coming true. In short and to quote from The Tribe: Keep the dream alive! :)

Thank you so much Lena for reaching out to us and allowing us to be inspired by your story and open heart!

Let’s help each other to make dreams come true!

All photography by Lena and illustrations are from the song created for Lena called 'Friendly Skeleton'.

Lena is packed for her trip Smock dress, Long Sleeves, Marigold and  the Peter Pan Collar Shirt, Saffron colour.

October 05, 2018

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