How to Style Peg Leg Trousers? TOP Ideas

The more we read about linen, the more determined we are to use this fabric all year round and in more situations, even the most unexpected ones! You say linen trousers are just for summer?

Not really, since they go perfectly well with wool socks or even tights under! Don't be afraid to experiment, especially these days, when all the standards are being questioned.

So, how to style peg leg trousers?

Take a look at our Linen Peg Leg Trousers: pair it with sneakers and a classic clean t-shirt, match a leisure jumper. Pick your Dr. Martens and jump into your second hand leather jacket! Classic twill jacket and Caboclo shoes? Why not!

Take a look at our short improvisation on how to wear our Peg Leg Trousers in Rosemary Green with some of Son de Flor linen items or the personal ones. We hope this inspires you to love linen and our timeless styles even more. Don't forget our Peg Let Trousers come also in Black Pansy & Autumn Brown color this season, which might make them the star or your capsule wardrobe. 

When our consumption ends in so much waste on our planet Earth, choosing timeless and made from natural fabrics that biodegrades so easily makes so much sense!
Thank you for dropping by and start your sustainable and slow fashion journey here!