We love gifting in all seasons, but the festive winter period is the best, since we are officially allowed to makes as many give-aways as we wish! And this one is not the last one, but a very very pleasant for us, since we love the product very much!

YES, it's one of our dresses paired with any Caboclo shoes you are about to get as a gift, all you have to do is choose the dress here, pair it with the shoes and leave a comment on our IG wall near the Give-away post!
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Have you seen the latest news by Caboclo shoes? We love the Brasilia Black so much, what are your favorites?

Oh and by the way, have you read the story behind the Caboclo shoes? We love everything about this amazing brand, the way shoes are produced, the materials chosen for the shoes and the styles they are coming in, which is timeless and so versatile. Read more and see some more models here!

See the whole range here ~

Enough with the words, go on and choose your favorite Son de Flor linen dress & Caboclo shoes duo and let us know what to send you over as a gift in case you are the winner!

December 11, 2020


Jennette said:

I have always liked the Elisa dress paired with Bahia Black Caboclo shoes.

Sybille Kelsen said:

My favourite dress since I know your company is Elisa Dress, Long sleeves, White Magnolia. I never bought it because I don’t know if it will suit me. This dress is so beautiful and I will wear it with the Bahia brown shoes. Congrats for what you do for all of us

Bonnie Needels-Dwyer said:

The grey moon long sleeve twill dress would look lovely with the black Val ankle boots!
Happy Holidays!

Luz Rosalba Macías Verde said:

Hello. I love Elisa Dress, long sleeves, sky blue and I think it would be pair amainzingly with the Val Black shoes. I love everything you do and your cloth is like a dream for me. You are so lovely!
Thank you so much!
Best wishes

Trine Marken said:

Good evening! I do love all your dresses and you present them all wonderful in your pictures! My favorite dress though is the Classic dress, long sleeve in the beautiful evergreen color. I think the dress will look good together with a pair of Gótico Black.
Take care and stay safe!

Lisa Minter said:

I love the black tibidabo boots with the classic red plaid dress, long sleeved, for the holidays!

emmanouela triliraki said:

I love the classic dress long sleeves ink black with the Tibidabo boots <3

Annegé said:

Very lovely give away! I already added a comment to your IG story. I really like the combination of your dresses with the classic look of the shoes <3
Lots of love,

Andreita Álvarez said:

Hi! My favourite shoes are the Leo Brown model and the classic dress with short sleeves in wild Meadow. So lovely!

Veronica Bristol said:

I Love the black capped sleeve dress on this page! I think it would pair amazingly with the tibidabo boots! Everything you guys make is so beautiful. ❤😆

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