Elle-May Leckenby, a true beauty inside and out

We are thrilled to introduce Elle-May Leckenby, a photographer and style blogger, creator of mesmerizing moving stills - images straight out of a fantasy! Timelessly elegant, subtle yet strong and evoking a quiet confidence – Elle’s imagery is infused with ideas that have always been very dear to us here at Son de Flor. Elle photographed her favorite Son de Flor pieces against the stunning scenery of Gold Coast Australia and we caught up with her to find out more about her – a true beauty inside and out.

Son de Flor: What got you started down the path of a creative life?

Elle: I have always been more taken to creative thought patterns. In my grade 3 class, I remember cutting out shapes of paper dolls and blue-tacking their hand drawn clothes on, drawing picture books with pop up flaps and glittery crayons instead of completing my tests! This went on for the entire year and I think that's when the patterns really set in. It got harder for me to focus on academic subjects because my creative thought / dream life was so alive and thriving it was too difficult to defer from! From 13 I fell in love with photography, I saw flickr accounts from older girls who lived in other countries. I had just returned to Australia from living in England with my family a few years. So this intrigue had set in for travel and the mystery of other cultures. Photography set the creativity alight and from then on, all I wanted to do was somehow, inspire people the way I had been! This lead to creating outfit photos for lookbook.nu, then to style blogging, now to further photography projects! 

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Mainly through getting out of my comfort zone, seeing how different people live and interacting with different personalities! It's usually followed by alone time and just thinking. Sometimes a revelation will come to me about something and just a restless desire to so something with the unexplainable inspiration and passion for life! It's a really beautiful process!

What drew you to Son de Flor?

The photography and of course the timeless styles of the pieces. I am also a huge fan of the comfort and flow of linen! The entire feel of Son de Flor is just incredible!

Do you have a favourite flower?

I love french lavender! 

What places do you like spending time in - in your hometown or in your travels?

I always love Noosa (this is where I live & some imagery is taken here). I get a ton of inspiration from visiting old castles through Europe! France, England, Scotland! I would love to see more! Places with rich history or culture still strongly intact. I really love Samoa and New Zealand too for that! 

Is there anyone in the world whose shoes you'd like to walk in for a day?

I would love to go back in time and live amongst the Israelites. I am so fascinated with the beginnings of their culture too and their outlook and passion!

What little act of kindness would you most appreciate today?

I think it's so kind when someone gives up something of value to do something against the norm. Pay for someones breakfast in front of you, give away something of value to you to someone else in need. If you are busy, take time out of your day to clean for someone else. When it's something of high value to you, like your dedication or money or alone time, give a bit of that up. It's an extremely liberating thing to do, and it teaches us to think outside of our own box. 

Please share a life lesson you've learnt and one that you're still learning. 

One I am still learning is exactly what I stated above! I go through times where I am clinging to something I want or need so tightly and not sharing it. All it takes to re-looking at it a different way and taking the step to practice and give and share in it. Every time I go out of my way to give in whatever it is, I get a bigger perspective. 

Something I have definitely learned is to always give in what you know you have a lot of!

So I know I carry a lot of Joy & grace for other people. For me it's giving in that wherever I can with no expectations. Always pushing yourself to learn how to give more in what is good. And also to receive it from others. Life really is about this flow. 

What are you looking forward to most in the coming days/weeks/months?

I am looking forward to having more life revelations! To seeking wisdom over plain knowledge! I am excited to be married soon and move in permanently with my Fiance (we have been doing long distance). To growing more in my craft and sharing inspiration!!

Congratulations on your engagement Elle and thank you so much for sharing with us!

For timeless style inspiration as well as a tutorial on how to make moving stills, visit Elle’s BLOG (ellemayleckenby.com).

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