With all the awakening greenery, already or soon-to-be-blooming trees and flower cascades in most of the Europe, it's not so difficult to surprise the family with a fairy-tale magic on our Easter table. We will not be talking much here, rather showing some of the pictures we've made so far to hopefully inspire you to be creative and imaginative when preparing for the upcoming feast of Spring. 

We'd love to thank our partners in this beautiful crime for helping us with pottery and lovely props and styling. A lovely home decor shop Simple Homes. Beautiful hand-made ceramics from Matter Home. Joana Burn for great styling and photography.

We used to love colored eggs, but this season we believe natural takes over. Use everything natural inside and around your house. Eggs, meadow flowers, herbs left from preparing the food, table textiles.

Sometimes a wild flower bucket is an absolute game-changer on the table! Be creative and imaginative!

A wide linen table cloth, a runner, a set of napkins, couple of lit candles and branches from the nearby forest or park can create breath-taking magic on your table. Surprise the family.. Live the beautiful! 


Sometimes it's enough to simply take the table outside and invite the family to enjoy the view..

We would be so thankful and happy if you shared your Easter table ideas with us by putting a tag #easteronmytable near your picture. We promise some lovely surprises for the most inspiring ones!

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