We are absolutely amazed at how many of you participated and showed wonderful and creative looks. We feel very inspired and proud, and would want to reward all of you. But don't worry, there will be many new Son de Flor challenges coming your way! Here are our three  winners: @marythemuffin, @rodyandrory and @breakingouttheseams!


#5wears challenge has already ended with the beginning of June and we saw you waiting for the news on who is the winner of this challenge. We decided to have two winners - one chosen by Son de Flor team, including all the photo carousels and reels you have created, and one chosen by our community. So now it's time for you to choose one of the winners of #5wears challenge and we are sure you will pick the most creative participant that you like the most!

Here are photo carousel #5wears participants that deserve a round of applause for wonderful Son de Flor dress styling ideas. Have a look at them and vote in the comments who should be a winner!

1. @kenztompkins


2. @breakingouttheseams



3. @thehummingbard


4. @curlsncakes


5. @theplaidhobbit


7. @mrsjabernathy


8. @domestic_goddess2003

9. @jespersen_stine


10. @hroln

11. @mindmylogic



12. @anandaspring


13. @dreamy.hogwarts


15. @inu.alva



16. @kaitlyn_hai_lin



17. @writingdog



 18. @anandaspring

19. @lauradiicarlo

20. @parizankou_na_vikend

22. @song.mouse

23. @gwen_hamilton_

24. @shalomfamilyhome

25. @thewaters_and_thewilde

27. @essis.dreams

28. @mpeon_y

29. @botanical.iertje

30. @christina.elisabeth.miller



31. @_beaworkofart_

32. @sirpa_niinimaki

33. @hakus_garden

34. @heathermoon017

35. @theunenlightenedgeneralist

36. @audreyhendy




38. @mrsruthharris


39. @beatriceemilsson

40. @rodyandrory

41. @tamara_selina110

42. @tidal_rave_

43. @emilyidentity

44. @myelasticheart

45. @christine.blumenkind

46. @hannahsutton

47. @bastien.gasse



48. @lmhallman

49. @teacozyrosie

50. @_lackart_

51. @woodland_mum



52. @marythemuffin



53. @pearandbranch

54. @marthe.lkf



55. @missakuo



56. @monaloveyoga2019

57. @wanderandbewonder


58. @mira_you

59. @alinailie



60. @joannmarie.art


61. @missklotild

62. @mariedrht

What a great variety of styles and colours. We are so proud and happy!

Now, it's your time to vote for one participant that you liked the most in the comments below the blog! Thank you for your help! 



June 04, 2021


Jennifer said:


Janna said:

57. Wanderandbewonder

Wenonah Bubb said:

Number 38 most definitely!!

Sarah Jefferies said:


Diddy Danno said:


Kristin said:


Ruta said:

4 ❤️️

Ellie said:


Libby said:

Number 38 xxx

Ellie said:

38 🧡 so gorgeous!

Amy said:


Hester said:


Lauren said:

Number 19 gets my vote!

Lauren said:

Number 19 gets my vote!

Kirsten. A said:

My dear #19

Tori said:

lauradicarlo; 19

Tori said:

lauradicarlo; 19

Heather said:

The stunning No. 19 ! 💜

Jade. B said:

Have to go with #19 ! :)

Natalie said:


Sarina said:

I vote for @lauradiicarlo !

Raven said:


Rachel said:

Lovely Laura number 19! Such a creative person!

Panagiota said:

44. It was a difficult choice!

Brandon said:

I pick Number 19 !

Monica said:

Voting for Laura aka number 19! :D

Toni said:


Shil said:

No 3👍❤️😍

Elise said:


Elizabeth Adams said:


Evelyn said:

I love 36 @audreyhendy

Michelle V said:

I vote for #55, beautiful ideas here!

Johanna Boxman said:

Essisdreams 😃

Joelle said:

Number 33!!!

Caroline said:

All very distinct “looks” 🤗

Siminka said:


Rachel said:


Ro said:

I vote for no. 4 @curlsncakes

Iris said:

13. @dreamy.hogwarts

Anna said:

@botanical.iertje!! So cute

Mary said:


Donna said:


Amazing creativity by everyone…you are all lovely!

Rogue said:


Bot Teodora said:


Mini Mi said:


Muresan Ionut said:


Emily said:

The lovely No. 19 <3

Sandi said:

@lauradiicarlo, number 19

Marc Van Bambeke said:


Carine Vivier said:

3. @thehummingbard

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