Our Special Project with Kap Kap!

Every season we aim to talk about and support small local businesses that we find and make a beautiful friendships with. You might remember Eskedar coffee, a bag of levenders from Arbatų skrynia, Lithuanian chocolate from Amandus and more. We find incredible beauty in building a community and sharing our experiences with one another which we feel enriches all of us from within and inspires to create even more. This time, we want to introduce our new friend Kap Kap...



Meet wonderful Kap Kap which produces ecological products made in Lithuania for your well-being, beauty, health and coziness of home. Everything they make is completely natural and close to the ground. Kap Kap also calls itself an aromatherapy studio since their main goal is to spread the knowledge and practices of using smell as a form of relaxation and ritual to evoke emotions which are so important to find and cherish during the current era of rush and burn outs. 



Kap Kap invites us to focus and give attention to one of the five senses we have, smell, which seems to be a little bit forgotten or often perceived as insignificant. Do you know that feeling when a certain smell brings up memories of a place, a person or an event that happened many years ago? Smell is such a strong sense we have that can be used for taking care of our body and mind. It can be a safe place to come back to and be fully present when the times are difficult. Or it can be part of your daily morning ritual bringing you a sense of calmness and relaxation. 


During July with every Son de Flor package with your beautiful linen dresses inside you will find little something with an incredible scent from Kap Kap! We hope you will enjoy it! 

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