Incredible chocolate by Deivydas Praspaliauskas - Amandus | #timetogiveback

Before we enter a new season of sustainable linen fashion, we want to THANK YOU all for staying around and helping us grow in difficult situations! As you already know, every Son de Flor package until the end of August will reach you not only with our beautiful linen dresses but also an amazing package of Ethiopian coffee & Lithuanian chocolate!

We will shortly introduce what Lithuania has in common with Ethiopia, but before that, please meet our dear friend Deivydas Praspaliauskas Amandus (David Amandus), one of the best chefs of Lithuania, who had to close his restaurant due to Covid-19. But David is David and his hopeless optimism never leaves him in despair. David is already inviting his guests to a new restaurant called Amandus, much smaller, but very cozy, where everything is prepared with his own hands! 

You will understand the talent of David once you try a bite of his chocolate! Your next Son de Flor purchase will include one of the three sugar-free creations by David! This might be the dark chocolate, called The Dream of a Squirrel, made with acorns, quinces, hazelnuts & coffee.

Or the milk chocolate, made with sourdough bread, rhubarb & honey.

Or the white chocolate, made with cranberries, juniper berries, pistachios & detoxifying mix of herbs!

While creating his recipes, David concentrated on local seasonal ingredients. Of course, the cocoa beans chocolate is made of, come from afar, like Asia, South or Central America, but other ingredients smell of Lithuanian meadows and forests! Instead of regular sugar, chocolates are made with coconut petal nectar and a little bit of salt to highlight the taste of other ingredients! Please meet David! 


We hope you will enjoy his chocolates because every Son de Flor package until the end of August is reaching you not only with our beautiful linen dresses but also an amazing package of Ethiopian coffee & David's chocolate!

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