A bag of lavenders for a beautiful dream!

‘A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.’ ~ James Keller. 

We could only add that it becomes brighter!  

For the upcoming week, every box with your linen garments reaching you will also include a small bag of lavender. It’s not just a simple bag of lavender you are receiving, it’s actually a dream come true.  

Some time ago we’ve met a wonderful woman who was trying to sell her herbs to buy herself a washing machine. We found it as an amazing opportunity to share Son de Flor success and help her dream to come true! We bought enough linen lavender bags to help her cover washing machine expenses and a little bit more! And today we are gifting this fantastic lavender bag along with your Son de Flor purchase as a small token of love and gratitude for your friendship all year long!

Success is best when it’s shared, isn’t it? 

Even if you do not have moth problem, lavender bags are fantastic for making your clothes, sheets and blankets smell nice and fresh! The bag you’ve just received was filled by loving hands that not only picked and prepared it, but also planted, took care and grew all the lavenders that are now in your hands! Take time to read a little bit more about Ligita and her secret garden of herbs:

“The world of wild plants has accompanied me since childhood. I used to go and look for them with my grandfather, he is my first teacher and inspiration. When I grew up, It took me quite a few years to get back to my roots even though I always felt a great connection with nature.

Five years ago, I attended a seminar revealing various kinds of plants and their healing properties. I realized I had discovered what I needed. I am still studying phytotheraphy because it is a lifelong science. Two years ago I created a page on facebook  “Arbatu Skrynia”.  It shares information about plants and their different products. Everything is natural and coming straight from our beautiful nature in Lithuania. I grow about 40 different species of wild plants, including our beloved lavender. In the future I plan to expand my hobby - entrepreneurship. I would also love to spend more time educating people so that they can get to know plants, and discover how important our nature is to us.” 

Thank you, dear Ligita, for letting us help to make you dream come true and sharing your beautiful product along with good energy with wonderful women all over the world!

P.s. Enjoy the week of 20-40% discounts for all of our assortment, as a token for your friendship, love and loyalty for sustainable fashion for the whole year!
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  • Natashia

    Incredible ♡ I think this is so lovely 😍🌹 All the best to Ligita and the Son de Flor team 🪴🙏🏽

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