How wonderful it is to provide something with a second life. This way you show endless love and acceptance for something that might have been forgotten or lived through. It’s a way to say to the world that it’s okay to give second chances as everyone and everything deserves them. This is why we love the idea of pre-loved clothing which makes us believe of the power of second chances.



Pre-owned piece might require some love and preparation to your wardrobe. You can clean it gently, maybe mend it a little if needed and it will be ready for further usage. It will have its mature energy and authentic story of how it appeared in your home. Maybe it has been a long and difficult way, or fun and inspiring one, but it was meant to meet you and become your wardrobe darling.



There is so much waste on our planet and there are so many beautiful garments already made waiting for their next owner. It just might need a little bit more effort to find them compared when buying something new, but it is so worth it in the end when having a beautiful authentic piece in your hands and knowing that you have helped the environment even if only a little.


May 13, 2021


Mel said:

When I watched the last live Vaida did and heard about the Pre Loved idea, I was so happy and now that it has launched I’m over the moon!
I’ve been buying exclusively second-hand clothes for the past 6 years (the only exception is when I buy from sustainable brands like Son de Flor), and seeing you wonderful humans talking about this and bringing this wonderful idea to Son de Flor makes my heart sing with joy!
I feel so connected with everything you do at Son de Flor, thank you for existing and continuing creating and sharing beauty. ♡

With love,

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