Take a Good Care of Your Clothes - Mend It

When we were kids, we remember having darned socks and sweaters, patched trousers and jackets. Can you recall those days?

With the world going in a faster and faster pace and fast fashion being available at arm’s reach, Mending Clothes kind of became irrelevant, maybe even, not so needed. 

As fashion puts out new trends and new clothes so often, mending almost disappeared, especially in the eyes of younger generations. The way we value our clothes really changed, but it does not mean that it has to carry on being like this.

                     Picture of Katrina Rodabaugh taken by Karen Pearson

Last month we had a pleasure to make a mending challenge with Katrina Rodabaugh, artist and author of the book ‘Mending Matters’, where we asked people to post their mended items on Instagram with a hashtag #mendinglovenotes. We were so incredibly happy to see how many people gave a second chance to a pair of their loved jeans, dresses, sweaters, sock and even shoes. 

                         Picture of Katrina Rodabaugh taken by Karen Pearson

Now, that we all have slowed down and we are spending time indoors, we have this opportunity to take time and appreciate what we have.  So, let’s get inspired and get creative! Invite your family member to join you and even teach your kids to creatively mend items you love. It does not really apply only to clothes. It could be a toy, an armchair or curtains. Really, it is up to your imagination. The only thing you need to do is to start with one item and see where it takes you.

There are so many different mending techniques. It could be an invisible mending that requires more precision, but there is also visible mending that requires a bit more imagination. You will create some original items that you will Love 😊

Here are some examples of how Creatively Mend Your Clothes.

You can use a different colour to darn your knitted items. Do not be afraid to highlight the part that at the beginning was a flaw.

by Fie

Make a hole into an animal or a flower or anything you like.

You can use another piece of garment to patch a whole. Make it like detail as it supposed to be there.

Highlight your holes. There are some more simple and some more complex ways to mend. Choose whatever is more to your liking and give yourself some time to do it. It does not need to be finished in one sitting.

by @the_sacred_archive

by Mel

The Winner of the giveaway was this gorgeous dress up of a rabbit jumper. The jumper got a permanent mark and Cat so creatively hid it.

by Cat 

„Pictured here is one of my favourite items of clothing: my rabbit jumper. I originally got it new from Topshop about seven years ago - my most recent purchase from them I think! Because it is "fast fashion", I feel it is my responsibility to keep it in a wearable condition for as long as possible and to keep wearing it!“  @an.island.cat 

As you can see, the sky is a limit when it comes to mending 😊 

We always say that linen clothes will last you a lifetime, but we all know that some accident happens and that our loved garments sometimes do get damaged. It does not mean that the item should be thrown away and replace with a new. 

Mending truly maters!

We would send a sincere thank you to Katrina and all the participant in the giveaway. In a week-long initiative you mended over 300 items! It is absolutely incredible.

We hope if anything will happen to your Son de Flor garment you will give it another chance and mend it. Clothes that you take care of will last much longer and will hold many beautiful memories.

Son de Flor family wishing you to be safe