Time for creative zero-waste gift wrapping!

Have you also caught yourself noticing people with the tubes of gift-wrapping paper, sticking out of their grocery bags? The gifting season is round the corner, which is an amazing part of the year, unfortunately very wasteful as well. Beautifully wrapped gift boxes look amazing under the tree for a few days, however, within seconds of being opened, the garbage bags quickly fill up thanks to all of the paper, bags, bows and ribbons.

Yet, it does not have to be that way and we are sure many of us could offer alternatives, that are within the reach at our homes, at work or waiting to be noticed at our recycle bins.

At Son de Flor we are not using any plastic in packaging, sometimes your beautiful dresses reach you in a second-life paper box, our post-cards are meant to be snail mailed to your long-time-no-see friend, the jute string can be used around your households. The only part worrying us is the thin paper your dresses are tucked in, which can also find a second life, yet we are planning to exchange it into a linen towel, which could be used in your kitchen, for wrapping or storing, would you find this meaningful?   

In fact, every Surprise Gift Box we are shipping for Christmas this year, already has this type of packaging, including a lovely little gift – the zero-waste Solidu shampoo bar, which packaging is decomposable in your backyard. Enjoy the video below!

Among some other Christmas packaging ideas, have you ever thought of wrapping in newspaper? If none is at home, what about paper grocery bags? With some sewing scraps, old button-down shirts, cloth napkins or scarves from a thrift shop, you can make your gift wrapping zero-waste by using fabric. Butcher paper? Why not, it could be a nice solution. Ever considered using a glass jar instead filling up a gift bag? Dress up the jar with some old fabric or ribbon, and it can be reused instead of tossing a bag in the trash. 

We can’t wait to hear more ideas in the comments and use your creative insights for our gift wrapping this year!