Vivaia Shoes Saving the World

We are very excited to introduce you to our new friend Vivaia (@vivaia_collab; @vivaia_official) who are a sustainable brand creating shoes made out of plastic bottles. It amazes us with their wonderful mission to combine sustainability with style using recycled environmentally friendly materials that are sourced from nature. Vivaia shoes stand out by luxurious and fashion-forward looks with exceptional quality at a fair price at the same time.



Vivaia uses environmentally friendly materials that are carefully crafted to minimize our impact on Earth. Plastic water bottles are turned into spools of thread to knit the surface material for the shoes that will last for long years. Insoles are crafted using soft natural latex foam derived from rubber resin that ensures comfort and a lightweight feel on your feet. Soles are created using carbon-free elastic and flexible rubber which is shock-resistant, fungi-proof and odor-resistant. Another wonderful feature is that all packaging is created using 90% recycled cardboard. As if that would not be enough, Vivaia shoes surprises by producing its products that are completely machine and hand washable!



We are completely in love with Vivaia shoes and the message they spread to the world! Combination of Vivaia shoes and our dresses makes a wonderful look that radiates femininity and style. Vivaia is happy to share with us a discount code that provides with 10% off to any shoes you choose – promo code is “SDF”. You are very welcome to add #VIVAIA hashtag to a picture of your pair of Vivaia shoes!

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