Time to Give Back


Before we enter a new season of sustainable linen fashion, full of amazing adventures, interesting stories, and a lot of linen improvisations, we want to THANK YOU all for staying around and helping us grow in difficult situations!

It’s time to give back. To the people who helped us, who inspire us daily and who needs a little push to move forward due to the personal or global Covid-19 situations.

Every Son de Flor package until the end of August will reach you not only with our beautiful linen dresses but also an amazing package of Ethiopian coffee & Lithuanian chocolate!

Most of you know beautiful Eskedar from Son de Flor pictures, who gave us her time and attention in difficult situations. It’s time we give back and use our channel to introduce you all to the Ethiopian coffee Eskedar is roasting in Lithuania and offering the world! A short story on how this beautiful lady appeared in our lands and what the Ethiopian coffee is all about, will appear shortly on our media. We hope the story will be as tasty as the coffee!

What can be better than a cup of an early morning coffee dressed in a linen twirling dress? Yes, only the coffee with chocolate!

That’s our second story and tribute to David, a close friend of ours, soon to be a father, who had to close his restaurant due to Covid-19 in Vilnius, Lithuania. But David is David and his hopeless optimism never leaves him in despair. David is already inviting his guests to a new restaurant, much smaller, but very cozy, where everything is prepared with his own hands! You will understand the talent of David pastry once you try a bite of his chocolate, which will reach you with your next purchase! We will introduce you to David shortly, his story is sugar-free, but oh so sweet!

Hear the full story:


Three weeks of August, two beautiful stories & one big applause to the people who surround and inspire us. We hope you will enjoy the gifts coming along your August linen parcels!


  • Daiva

    I love reading your stories and the timeless beauty of your linen dresses. The photo shoots of your models in your dress are all inspiring and breathtaking.
    Good luck to you and keep he ideas flowing.

  • Drescher Evelyne

    Dear Vaida, is always lovely to see you on video! And a wonderful idea to help others! Now I can’t wait to get my purchase in the next day’s, I love coffee and chocolate ❤️❤️❤️ By have a good time

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